About us!!

a lone duo of LN enthusiast and a japanese speaker with english practice as desire.

hoping to put something in the hearts of translation fan on earth.

Kuma Otou : Shiro!!! translate this for me!!!

Shiro : huh??? will help you translate, but not into english!! i will translate into Vulcan!!!

Kuma Otou : well…… i can roughly understand Vulcan… its a bit better than Klingons…

Shiro: and i will only do 1 chapter per week!!!!

Kuma Otou : and i will retranslate your work around a week as well!!!

thus… the duo started a strange hobby… and miscommunication galore! well we do hope to improve chapter by chapter…. admonishment by admonishment…

o well will pick up the pace but give us time will ya!!!!

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