semi hiatus due to holidays

to all,


just a heads up that i will be on holiday to kansai region starting tomorrow until next year.


thus i will be unable to upload anything… sorry for it.

in the meantime, i may or may not attend the comiket 89… since its in big show… which is a shinkansen away at a hefty extra cost… i may or may not be able to attend it T_T….

well then again, see u guys in new year ok!!!


chapter 15/16/17

Well i think most knows this already, but 15,16,17 is with Meoww due to my RL.

link as below :


Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17


well there you have it, head over there and have fun with Finia… ermm Kitsune…. erm… whoever suits your fancy.