chapter 15/16/17

Well i think most knows this already, but 15,16,17 is with Meoww due to my RL.

link as below :


Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17


well there you have it, head over there and have fun with Finia… ermm Kitsune…. erm… whoever suits your fancy.




10 thoughts on “chapter 15/16/17

      • – The layout is very scattered, for people who stumble upon your site perhaps linking them to to chapters 1 – 9 so they can catch up on the story. – As a suggestion making a chapter list showing what % each chapters translation/editing is at.
        – Listing current KCAW’s chapters vertically in order, instead of horizontally as you have them now or even making a new page for listing the chapters instead of a drop down menu as you have it now.
        – Making Title font a lot smaller. The number one thing that makes this site a pain to navigate is having to scroll so much because the font is so huge.
        – A forum for discussion chapters might be cool too.

        There is probably more but that’s what I can think of off the top of my head.


    • Navigation is utterly shit on this site.

      1. No next chapter/previous chapter links
      2. Chapter 14’s link is broken
      3. Tons of non-chapter updates that readers have to sift through.
      4. Homepage is a discussion page for the novel, not latest updates or a TOC.

      The only way to navigate this site without inconviences rn is through a third party site like NovelUpdates.


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