semi hiatus due to holidays

to all,


just a heads up that i will be on holiday to kansai region starting tomorrow until next year.


thus i will be unable to upload anything… sorry for it.

in the meantime, i may or may not attend the comiket 89… since its in big show… which is a shinkansen away at a hefty extra cost… i may or may not be able to attend it T_T….

well then again, see u guys in new year ok!!!


10 thoughts on “semi hiatus due to holidays

      • ummm i’ll post 18 in a few days ok hahaha RL is a niceperson that always looks after you nicely. and meow did starting 32 until 38 or something like that. meaning that 19-30 something is not translated yet at all. and lastly really sorry hahaha

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      • I can understand that, I work with NatsuTL translating Magi Craft Meister and Natsu, the one who hosts the project and is our ONLY TLC, ended up getting a lot of real life issues and couldn’t do much. The problem comes with lack of communication, most reasonable readers will not span the page with lots of questions as long as there are regular updates to say “hey, I’m alive, the project is ongoing, real life is interfering, don’t know when we’ll be done” plus a few more details to help them understand. Fortunately for us, our project is up and running again and on a set schedule (something that keeps people from asking). What we have right now is several chapters translated, but we’re only releasing them at set points, so we can stay ahead and real life won’t interfere too much as long as it’s not disastrous, we should be able to regularly put out chapters. I can’t give tons of advice for this, as I’m still fairly amateur at it myself, but communication has always been one of the most key things for the human race to do well in its works.


      • Hei im only having 1 translation… And already RL is abusing me… So kudos to you. On the other hand need to recheck my statement since i just remembered meow did the 18. And i just done the 13… Means i have 4 chapters to catch up. Bright side is i got the t/l for 14 and 15 already. So 2 left hahahaha. All i can say is… Coming soon!!!


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