chapter 18 [part 1]

i know i know… been neglecting translation for quite a bit..

i apologize to all of … us? since i’m also missing Kitsune’s antiques.


but anyway, the finished half is here for some sort of a little relief. i’ll put the rest pretty soon.


again let me re explain myself… i’m in no mean a japanese speaker.. my friend who understand basic japanese is helping me translate this. and i’m retranslating to english since my english is somewhat more acceptable.

so would appreciate it if you know better translation, you can point it out to me so i can change it. but coming in and saying i’m butchering the WN is just sad you know.. if you want to do it then please let me know, i’ll be happy to enjoy kitsune with a better translation.


but in the end o well, forgive my effort, and lets be happy to enjoy this WN!! thanks all!!


Final chapter 18


Completion of training and Information exchange





Kitsune is now split into 2 team. not including Rishe though, right now Kitsune and Finia is considering how to level up, and found an answer. Just use [Fire magic] and [Light magic] when defeating Magic beast. then for Kitsune, by not activating [eerie constitution], it’s also because it’s better to just fight by using his senses. to just flow with what he’s good at…. and…


when Kitsune consider magic beast as an enemy, involuntarily his [eerie constitution] will activate. for Kitsune who mentally wants to be strong, it better for him to be in the superior side mentally. but at the end, the enemy were affected by his skill and just run away instead.


thinking about this, it’s better that he didn’t think of them as his enemy. it would be a lot better for him to consider them as stones/pebbles. at least that’s what he decided.

though it’s a forced logic, but Kitsune can’t level up aside from fighting. and again, Kitsune had experience for such forced logic change. when he went through the bullying days, by bending the ‘concept’ of bullying on his mental. that’s why, now he’s doing the same thing. just like that.


[Yes, level up.. level up…]


the results, low leveled monsters didn’t ran away from him and he successfully fought them. of course without thinking that the magic beast is an enemy and confirming to himself that they’re just pebbles. with those thoughts he managed to fight.


he did that without doubts, the result was the enemy was not provoked. didn&t saw them as an enemy… he managed to get the magic beast attention.


by subjugating them, then kitsune have managed to increase their level.




Kitsune confirms his own status


Name    : Naginata Kitsune
Gender    : Male Lv6(↑2UP)
Strength    : 40
Stamina    : 100
Resilience    :220
Dexterity    : 90
Magic    :60

Title        :『Otherworld person』
Skill        :『Pain Resistence Lv2(↑1UP)』『Eerie Constitution』『World language translator』『Status Discernment』『Persistence』『Coercion』『Near Death Experience』
Innate Skill    :???
PT Member    :Finia (Fairy)


as suspected about Kitsune’s pain nullification that looks high. by only gaining 2 level his pain nullification rose to about ½ of rank S adventurers.


but there’s also a bad side to this.


[my physical strength didn’t go up huh….]


Kitsune’s physical strength didn’t go up. maybe it’s as Rishe’s said about limit. that physical strength is maxed at 40, and Kitsune also have the same condition. his attack is within the upper limit this soon.. he didn’t really think it would come that quick.


[o well… i have Finia for attack power]


But Kitsune didn’t care too much. for him it’s just an insignificant status.




[did my level went up? went up?]


Finia bugs Kitsune about her level in detail. because she can’t see her own status, so she asked Kitsune to confirm.


[yes yes, ee-to]



 Nama    : Finia

 Gender    : Female Lv16(↑5UP)
 Strength    :350
 Stamina    :600
 Persistance    :140
 Dexterity    :500
 Magic    :5400

 Title        :『Fairy of Unrequited Love』
 Skill        :『Light Magic Lv3』『Mana RecoveryLv4』『Healing Magic Lv3』『Fire Magic Lv4』『Physcal Reinforcement Lv1』
 Innate Skill    :???
 PTMember    :◎Naginata Kitsune


[yup, it’s 5 level up]



Finia also seemed to level up nicely. But Kitsune felt that every level ups made it more and more difficult to level up. is the necessary experience became higher as well?


aside from that, everytime Finia leveled up, for sure he felt becoming more “low grade”. why… fairies can level up so easily? he felt pissed of .. “dammit”


[Ok, i’m tired… let’s go home]



Since Kitsune is tired emotionally, he said he wants to go home. With Finia’s agreement. Finia’s attack since earlier is like a small sword gouging meats but he don’t feel that he can do that yet. like the first time he was almost dead, he felt the meat of a male student with nearly cut body.


[by the way, hows Rishe chan?]

[Well… theres a thing over there that looked like a deer… seemed it managed to corner her]

[What are you doing!]


Kitsune came rushing and kick the deer like magic beast away from Rishe


[aaa….aaaa….. don’t do that… that’s all i can manage you know!]

[as someone that are cornered earlier, you talk a lot huh?]


[could it be that it’s all Rishe chan could manage?]


Even though Rishe said it with a raged breath, hearing Kitsune’s and Finia’s word put her into a shock.. it’s like “crack…” and you can see pieces of her falling out. well anyway in terms of status Rishe seemed weak.


[emm… when you look at abilities, it should be around that level.. but when i’m in front of an enemy, i always tense up…]




a mistake… turns out she had a mental issue during fights.


[We’re going home now… Rishe chan is not going back?]

[… understood… i will go back as well]


Rishe stood with a darken expression and seemed depressed, she walks toward the city entrance while staggering. Kitsune follows behind her.


only up to that she took an attitude like a senior, and now when she opens her eyes, the reality is like this. from Rishe point of view, she should be embarrased. that’s why Kitusne didn’t touch that matter again.

◇ ◇ ◇

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  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

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    Btw, is “Final chapter 18” the title of this chapter or the completion stat of this chapter?


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