chapter 18 [part 1]

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Final chapter 18


Completion of training and Information exchange





Kitsune is now split into 2 team. not including Rishe though, right now Kitsune and Finia is considering how to level up, and found an answer. Just use [Fire magic] and [Light magic] when defeating Magic beast. then for Kitsune, by not activating [eerie constitution], it’s also because it’s better to just fight by using his senses. to just flow with what he’s good at…. and…


when Kitsune consider magic beast as an enemy, involuntarily his [eerie constitution] will activate. for Kitsune who mentally wants to be strong, it better for him to be in the superior side mentally. but at the end, the enemy were affected by his skill and just run away instead.


thinking about this, it’s better that he didn’t think of them as his enemy. it would be a lot better for him to consider them as stones/pebbles. at least that’s what he decided.

though it’s a forced logic, but Kitsune can’t level up aside from fighting. and again, Kitsune had experience for such forced logic change. when he went through the bullying days, by bending the ‘concept’ of bullying on his mental. that’s why, now he’s doing the same thing. just like that.


[Yes, level up.. level up…]


the results, low leveled monsters didn’t ran away from him and he successfully fought them. of course without thinking that the magic beast is an enemy and confirming to himself that they’re just pebbles. with those thoughts he managed to fight.


he did that without doubts, the result was the enemy was not provoked. didn&t saw them as an enemy… he managed to get the magic beast attention.


by subjugating them, then kitsune have managed to increase their level.




Kitsune confirms his own status


Name    : Naginata Kitsune
Gender    : Male Lv6(↑2UP)
Strength    : 40
Stamina    : 100
Resilience    :220
Dexterity    : 90
Magic    :60

Title        :『Otherworld person』
Skill        :『Pain Resistence Lv2(↑1UP)』『Eerie Constitution』『World language translator』『Status Discernment』『Persistence』『Coercion』『Near Death Experience』
Innate Skill    :???
PT Member    :Finia (Fairy)


as suspected about Kitsune’s pain nullification that looks high. by only gaining 2 level his pain nullification rose to about ½ of rank S adventurers.


but there’s also a bad side to this.


[my physical strength didn’t go up huh….]


Kitsune’s physical strength didn’t go up. maybe it’s as Rishe’s said about limit. that physical strength is maxed at 40, and Kitsune also have the same condition. his attack is within the upper limit this soon.. he didn’t really think it would come that quick.


[o well… i have Finia for attack power]


But Kitsune didn’t care too much. for him it’s just an insignificant status.




[did my level went up? went up?]


Finia bugs Kitsune about her level in detail. because she can’t see her own status, so she asked Kitsune to confirm.


[yes yes, ee-to]



 Nama    : Finia

 Gender    : Female Lv16(↑5UP)
 Strength    :350
 Stamina    :600
 Persistance    :140
 Dexterity    :500
 Magic    :5400

 Title        :『Fairy of Unrequited Love』
 Skill        :『Light Magic Lv3』『Mana RecoveryLv4』『Healing Magic Lv3』『Fire Magic Lv4』『Physcal Reinforcement Lv1』
 Innate Skill    :???
 PTMember    :◎Naginata Kitsune


[yup, it’s 5 level up]



Finia also seemed to level up nicely. But Kitsune felt that every level ups made it more and more difficult to level up. is the necessary experience became higher as well?


aside from that, everytime Finia leveled up, for sure he felt becoming more “low grade”. why… fairies can level up so easily? he felt pissed of .. “dammit”


[Ok, i’m tired… let’s go home]



Since Kitsune is tired emotionally, he said he wants to go home. With Finia’s agreement. Finia’s attack since earlier is like a small sword gouging meats but he don’t feel that he can do that yet. like the first time he was almost dead, he felt the meat of a male student with nearly cut body.


[by the way, hows Rishe chan?]

[Well… theres a thing over there that looked like a deer… seemed it managed to corner her]

[What are you doing!]


Kitsune came rushing and kick the deer like magic beast away from Rishe


[aaa….aaaa….. don’t do that… that’s all i can manage you know!]

[as someone that are cornered earlier, you talk a lot huh?]


[could it be that it’s all Rishe chan could manage?]


Even though Rishe said it with a raged breath, hearing Kitsune’s and Finia’s word put her into a shock.. it’s like “crack…” and you can see pieces of her falling out. well anyway in terms of status Rishe seemed weak.


[emm… when you look at abilities, it should be around that level.. but when i’m in front of an enemy, i always tense up…]




a mistake… turns out she had a mental issue during fights.


[We’re going home now… Rishe chan is not going back?]

[… understood… i will go back as well]


Rishe stood with a darken expression and seemed depressed, she walks toward the city entrance while staggering. Kitsune follows behind her.


only up to that she took an attitude like a senior, and now when she opens her eyes, the reality is like this. from Rishe point of view, she should be embarrased. that’s why Kitusne didn’t touch that matter again.

◇ ◇ ◇

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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 : Job completed


Kitsune that left the Guild walks towards the job giver’s house while referring to the map he got without comparing it to Mia’s map. Finia sat on his shoulder. through a busy street with plenty of houses with a bit of an atmosphere, he contemplates about something.


though contrary to a face that’s supposed to contemplate, he’s holding the map on his left hand, and strokes his right hand at his cheeks, the one Geno just hit.


[Kitsune-san, are you ok?]

[Well.. I’m not ok.. i got a headache]

[even though you put a cool face in the guild huh…?]

[no…no… because i want to pose in front of the ladies]

[Even though in the end it didn’t look cool at all and you even flew by that punch huh…]


honestly, the damage he received is heavy, he looked wobbly when he walked. Kitsune’s [Resilience] can receive pain. even though he receives an attack from a rank E Jitsuryoku owner, but he’s not wounded. inside the guild earlier, somehow Kitsune can held himself, although in fact parts of his body is already active. maybe his [Pain nullification] is already active so he didn’t felt any pain and just took the hit.


At that time, what Kitsune was thinking about is money (T/L: who wouldn’t)


about the earlier, he paid 1 silver coin for registration in the guild, but that’s because he already knew the price he needs to pay beforehand, everything runs smooth, but for other prices, Kitsune is not aware of it yet. Though he can try shopping later, but as best as he can, he would like to know the living costs.

but, to ask common sense in this place will embarrass him. to ask things that you’re supposed to know is suspicious. another thing, Kitsune is wearing a school uniform from another world which caused strange looks towards him.


[what should i do huh…. should i come to Rishe’s and ask to be taught…]

[about what?]

[well about money usage… but i’ve caused enough trouble already.. if i troubles her more than this.. ah better to do this later…]


Kitsune thought to ask Rishe, but he already got 3 pc of silver coins. to ask more help from her would embarrass him.basically he just wanted money to shop, but since he don’t have enough money, he dump the thought.


and then, he looks at the map while walking, and reach the job issuer house. since there is a girl cleaning, Kitsune decided to ask about the job order.


[Excuse me]


[I’m a Rank H adventurer that come for Ms. Miria Airin’s job request…. is she around?]


The girl turned around, and though she’s not a beautiful girl, but she have a cute face. the girls seems to be cheery with a brown hair, with a three net braid, which is placed on her shoulder in the front with steady character. her age is probably 13 years old and around 1 head shorter than kitsune.


the girl, realizing that Kitsune is a Rank H adventurer bows her head.


[ah… so…sorry thanks for coming all this way! i’m the one issuing the job request. my name is Miria Airin]

[Eh.. ehm… you’re the one that requested this job?]

[Yes! please lend me your support!]


Kitsune is a bit surprised… if thought from the content of the job and 1 pc silver coin reward, Kitsune assumed that the job requester was an adult, but contrary to his assumption, it’s just a little girl.


Or is 1 pc of silver coin is not a big amount of money, that’s what he thought, Kitsune then gave a thin smile to Miria. though Miria felt a shiver with his smile…


[Ehm… my name is Kitsune. you can call me Kitsune ok]

[Ah.. ok! Kitsune… san right…]

[Yes, then about the content of the job, what does it mean by run away pet?]

[well, yes… since we’re talking while standing, why don’t we come in to the house first, please!]


after the introduction, Kitsune immediately started discussing about the content of the job. but he was taken aback that Miria opened her door and took him inside. is being an adventurer gives you the right to enter someone Else house this easily?, is this allowed?…

while worrying Kitsune enters the house.


◇ ◇ ◇


the content of the job turns out to be simple.


Based on MIria’s information, it’s about a pet called Minimum Rabbit that runs away. Minimum Rabbit is like a pet class animal that you can keep. this rabbit is different with Kitsune’s world rabbit, where this world rabbit can be placed on your palm… a very tiny rabbit… the size of a hamster would be more appropriate.


with such small size, then it’s dangerous if it were trampled upon. and seems that when it was fed, she forgot to lock the cage, and was gone by the time she realized it. her family searched the whole house but couldn’t find it. there is a possibility that the rabbit has left the house. at least that’s what they thought, so they issued a job request.


Miria’s parent also loved the rabbit so they looked everywhere, but due to their work, they can’t spend so much time to look. in other words, it’s the parent’s that will pay the reward.


[fu—n…. Minimum Rabbit… does she has a name?]

[ah… yes! her name is Mimi!]

[that’s a nice name…. i’ll try to look for her… hope we can find her fast]

[Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (T/N: ummm means looking forward for it)]

[Leave it to me, Miria chan! everything gonna be alright with this beautiful fairy, Finia!]


Kitsune listed to the explanation, then stood. Finia also looked determined, and trustworthy looking. while patting Miria’s head, Kitsune then left the house.


Minimum Rabbit, if looked with just an eye, is a small rabbit, and the one raised by Miria is called [Mimi], it seems to be an albino kind. so if it made it out of the city, there’s chance that it will be step upon by people walking by. it must be found soon.

basically for Kitsune, he thought it’s inefficient if the search is based on clues only. so he must have a plan.


[ok, for now, since Finia chan is small, please try to find it in small spaces. i will look in places with peoples.. since there is some possibilities that it’s tamed.and also, basically rabbits are stressful in a quiet environment. if it were like that there’s a high chance it will die… even now, there’s possibility that [Mimi] is already dead, so we have to be ready about it]

[ok… understood! i will look for her!]

[ah… and also,,, if it gets dark, let’s gather somewhere]



Finia nod fiercely, and then with a resolve, flew away. she entered a small street afterwards.


Kitsune that sees her off starts his search. Minimum Rabbit… Kitsune didn’t thought that his first job will be this hard, but even so he thought to keep on going.


then, as the first step, he swings his feet forward.


at that time,








under his feet… there’s a strange object.. it felt squishy and in just a few millisecond, it was squished with a sound like “guuu~”.


a strange hunch began to surface while his heart suddenly beats faster…

slowly he removed his feet, and there it was….


[…. so white…. hair?]


the cute pet rabbit, lies there… squished.


[…no no no… no… it’s not there just now… it’s not there…. i didn’t mean to….]


While panicking and sweating on his cheek, Kitsune took the Minimum rabbit on his palm. is it because of his mistake that he didn’t saw the foreign object and step on it?. Mimi is not fully squished and dead, but due to the pressure from Kitsune’s leg, seems that the bone on it’s body were broken. and from the mouth, blood was spilling, and if you see some parts were twitching… and the shaking body. it’s fully in critical condition.


[Damn it… where did Finia went…]


Kitsune is out of luck, Finia that can use healing magic just flew off somewhere. if this continues [Mimi] can die.


[If it dies….  we just say it’s already dying when we found it ok….. Finia~~~chan!]
Kitsune is in critical situation, he run to find Finia.


◇ ◇ ◇


After a short run to the last area he was with Finia, and walk forward a bit. he found her in the gutter.


seeing Mimi who were half killed by Kitsune, Finia castes her Magic heal. even though Mimi was in critical condition, thanks to Finia’s heal, it was completely healed and somehow return back to life.


[ahhh…. in any case, thankfully nobody realized anything about earlier situation… thank god]

[it was about to die, you have to do things rightly you know! and you want to blame other people, you’re the worst!]

[seems you’re more glad about the dying thing than the founding thing huh]

[working is the essence of life you know! kitsune san!]

[welll… yea… what ever, job’s done!]


seeing Mimi fell asleep on his palm, Kitsune said that. Maybe it was luck for Kitsune that Mimi showed up on the right time. well…. if Finia is not around you can say he’s unlucky, but even as such, now he can receive the reward.


together with Finia, Kitsune returned back to Miria’s house. of course Mimi was brought by him as well. although he just left Miria house a short while ago…. by that short while he’s already struggling hard.


[Miria chaa~n, we found her—]

[Huh? Kitsune san, isn’t this a bit too fast!?]

[Because it she was playing around here, that i was able to catch it]

[ah, re… really… really…. aaa… Mimi… thank goodness!!]


The door of Miria’s house is wide open when he called her, and her face looks surprised. but, when looking at Mimi in Kitsune’s hand, she smiled gently spontaneously.. maybe she felt relieved.


Kitsune had trampled Mimi and almost made her died… he hid that fact. in other words, no way he’ll ever say that.


To get the reward after finishing the job, the signature of the job giver must be obtained, and brought to the receptionist at the guild. afterwards he will get a “job complete” and the reward.


Kitsune that doesn’t understand that was explained by Miria, and given her signed sheet.


[so if i give this to Mia chan then my job will be completed right?]

[Yes, Thank you for finding Mimi! Kitsune san!]

[Y… Yes… li…like…. likewise]


Seeing her innocent smile and gratitude, all that flows to his heart. and since he did nearly squashed Mimi, he felt sinful. but anyway, the job is finished, and after finding compensation, he must find a place to stay.


[Ehmm…. if you have any trouble, whatever it is, you can ask me anytime]


by saying that, Kitsune felt he ‘shared’ his sin. Miria’s eyes is still shining, and Kitsune didn’t look at her eyes. Well.. he just couldn’t.


[Then, See you again]

[ya! good luck!]


after saying that, Kitsune rushed out of Miria’s house.


◇ ◇ ◇


Kitsune was running away by coming back to the guild. he met Mia when he entered but he come to the receptionist that gave him the map. “Mia is over there right?”, she said that after seeing Kitsune, and Kitsune didn’t realize that. It’s not  that Kitsune didn’t like Mia, but if it’s just Receptionist, anyone will do for him. so this time he came back to the receptionist that gave him the map.


but even so, Mia thought whether Kitsune will approach her desk and he felt that Kitsune didn’t understand her. well.. He didn’t understand it, and she puts an annoyed looks.


[Ano (umm here)… please make the “job completed”]

[EH? ah… ok…]

[Is there something wrong?]

[N… No… please hold on a moment]


the Receptionist takes a glance at Mia, and hurriedly process the reward after listening to Kitsune. Miria’s job is finished… she stamp the documents, and put the paper with Miria signature into one folder.


While Kitsune is processing his reward, and were waiting for the receptionist going inside, he was daydreaming, but somehow felt a stare. he looked at Mia …..Jiii~~~, there’s Mia cold glance at Kitsune.


[Nn? whats up Mia chan]

[No, there is nothing at all, Hentai-Sama!]

[eh eh? you forgot my name? it’s Kitsune, Kitsune you know!!?]



Listening to Kitsune, Mia put stuck up face and throw her face aside. Kitsune tilts his head confused at Mia’s attitude, why is she doing that… it makes him think, and then he decided not to be hasty. maybe he somehow say or do “sexual harassment” again so he is hated again.


Kitsune look away from Mia that looks like sighing. Mia looks outside while glancing at Kitsune, But Kitsune already looks away from her. looking at that, Mia felt disappointing and again took a deep breath (sighing “fuuu~~~”).


this attitude makes the people around the guild, including the other receptionists looks at Mia because she rarely display this kind of attitude. they’re looking while surprised though Mia didn’t realized it as well.


[Thank you for the wait! here is your reward, 1pc silver coin]

[Yes, thank you! Yes Finia chan! i finally got some money for our livess!]

[Yess Kitsune san!!]


The lady receptionist that came back to her deck gave the silver coin to Kitsune and Finia that looks very excited. honestly 1 pc silver coin is not that big money for an adventurer’s reward. if you can complete a magic beast subjugation job for rank F adventurer, the money they can get is a lot more.


seeing those two, the blue haired receptionist that sits next to Mia blushed, and mumbled happily.




Hearing that, again Mia’s face became sour.

Well at any rate, with this, Kitsune had a good start as an adventurer.


End of 13.



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Chapter 12 Kitsune that can’t read the atmosphere.

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Kitsune that can’t read the atmosphere.

For now, Kitsune that finished registering decided to find some jobs. there is still time for him, that’s why for Kitsune right now, he just want to get some trivial jobs, something easy enough to do for him. to get some money enough to pay his rent today.

There is only 1 procedure to accept a job, you just pick a suitable job posting on the wall and bring it to the receptionist. then the receptionists like Mia whom he met earlier will make the job acknowledgement procedure. the job then will be given completion time limit, and for jobs that are basically helping people or H rank jobs are basically jobs that can be finished within a couple of day, that’s why these orders are given a 1 or 2 day time limit only.

Kitsune and Finia stood in front of the jobs board.

[so, what kind of job will we do for our first time?]

[let see… how about this one?]

following Kitsune’s question, Finia pointed to 1 particular job order. Kitsune looks at it closer :

<H Rank Job>

Client    : Miria Airin

Payment : 1 Silver coin

Job Detail : Finding missing pet

Time limit : 2 day

[I can’t read the language..]

[Ah! i see!]

[Finia can read this?]

[I can! i understand Kitsune’s language and this world language! i’m Finia the Language Master!]

[Then, what kind of job is this?]


Kitsune heard the details  from Finia and felt it’s not such a bad job. Looking for pets won’t harm him and it only needs 2 day as well, so he thought it’s good enough. and if he obtained the 1 silver coin reward, then he will obtain his registration money fee back.

[Mia cha`n! i’ll take this order!]

[Why do you have to come to me? you should go over there, please go there!]

[Please, do your job properly]

[…sigh… ok… …. i’ll draw the client location for you as well]

[oh ok, …yes, thank you]

When Kitsune brought the job order to Mia, she shove him away with a sour face to other receptionist, but after Kitsune’s word, she had no choice but to process his job.

When Mia was handling Kitsune’s job order and drawing the location of the client, Kitsune started idle chat with Mia “come think of it…”.

[by the way Mia chan, to be promoted from H to F, what must i do?]

[for that……. to be promoted to F rank is relatively easy. in this Guild there is a [Guild Leader]. the Leader will periodically held trainings and you can be promoted to F rank if your Jitsuryoku is enough. OK here is your map]

Kitsune listened to Mia and received the map while nodding

Then he thought, if the recognition is during training, then without attending the training, he will forever be H rank. for Kitsune this is a good system for him.

[Since everyone wants to get F ranked quickly, then for those confident with their Jitsuryoku, they will immediately register for the training. in the past, there is also those accepted into F rank just by having spirits of confrontation (T/N: it should mean that the guy basically bash into a 1 on 1 fight to get recognized).]

[I see…]

[Kitsune-sama will also register for the training?]

[Nope, i will not join… since i’m weak]

[i see…  then good luck with your job]

Kitsune turns his back after hearing Mia’s word. and while checking the map, he left through the Guild’s door.

◇ ◇ ◇

Mia Tigris, the receptionist looks at Kitsune figure leaving the guild while sighing.

True to his heart judgement, Mia is a popular figure. with just a glance on her blond hair and white and smooth skin, and her charming attitude to the opposite sex, in essence, Mia has a nice personality, as a person she is also a nice character, there is no flaw basically.

When Kitsune met Mia the first time, he obviously didn’t realize that, Mia is a popular girl among the adventurers. there’s many trying to date her. even in the past there’s also many nobles proposing her, but she refused them all and it has since became a legend.

and thus, male’s opinion about her charm is not a strange thing anymore.

that’s why, His coming to her directly without caring about other receptionist made her thought that he is the same as other guys trying to get her.

in opposite, the first word coming out from Kitsune was,

[Big Oppai]

He’s the worst. Mia thought of the possibilities that Kitsune coming to her saying flattering words, making him the same with all other guys, but when she heard Kitsune’s word she felt irritated and ask him to go home politely.

but, her discussion with Kitsune afterwards made her felt that there is a difference in him, that he come with no concealed intention.

True, that when Kitsune saw her breast and said the “sexual harassment” word by calling her big oppai, and she thought that he’s a rude man, but she didn’t felt any ill will from those words. it’s like… Kitsune said those word because she is big breasted, and seems there is no other meaning behind those words.

good or bad, for Kitsune, his spoken word contains no flattery, and not even a “like” feeling towards Mia. therefore, Mia felt a strange connection for Kitsune.

If she remembers back, Kitsune is a true novice though.

without saying that the magic beast and adventurer has ranking and it’s a good thing, what if a rank A mazoku came attacking where adventurer don’t know that magic beast has ranks. for Mia it’s strange that Kitsune heard about it but didn’t ask her about it. he don’t seem to have any thoughts of facing rank A mazoku, since it’s an opponent that wrecks havocs.

[yo MIa, was that a new kid?]

while thinking about Kitsune, suddenly an adventurer came to her. Putting his arm on the counter, and looking at her breast he started talking.

she thought that this person is totally different from Kitsune, and started to serve him professionally as a receptionist.

[that was a person registering as an adventurer]

[oo… and again MIa drew in the attention of man huh.. huh… how lucky to be such a beautiful lady]

[… not really … it’s not like that. then, is there anything i can help you with?]

[hooo such coldness,,, what you can help me with?? it’s not such an important help…, so hows today? can we get something to eat once your job is done?]

[i apologize but i cannot… since there is some work to do after]

this person is E ranked adventurer named Geo Grease. he is a trash with a sole passion for woman and sake, and of course, breast. he took many magic beast subjugation job in this guild, and are good at it though he always said his Jitsuryoku is not enough. He is often tyrannical and arrogant to people around him.

Lately, he seems to chase Mia, he visits her everyday.

[aaaa…. don’t say it like that! it’s alright…. just for a short while]

[i must decline … didn’t i say so already?]

[hehehe, don’t think of this as something bad, ok?? … just a short meal..]

For Mia that always reply professionally, Geno is a person that is always persistent. While feeling annoyed, Mia organizes her documents. using a pen to write something, so that she doesn’t have to look at Geno.

But oblivious to Mia’s obvious rejection, suddenly Geno stretched his rugged hand to reach her hand.

[Cmon it is fun… let’s go?]


with an even lower voice than before, Geno grab Mia’s hand. it’s the same as Kitsune earlier, but this time the difference is his using his power to hold her without any intention to let go.

Mia unconsciously look at Geno because of it. when she raise her head, all she saw is Geno’s vulgar smile. and even though she pulls her grabbed hand, there is a clear difference of strength between them. she can’t let go at all.

[okk? let’s go?]

from his tone, no is not an answer.

Mia lowers her vision while gritting her teeth listening Geno’s word. to her, Geno will not let go of her hand unless she agrees to go with him.

the other adventurer that saw this kept their silent since Geno is a rank E adventurer. the other receptionist is also looked afraid. they’re not even trying to help.


in this situation, Mia can only think to accept Geno’s request. it’s the best way for her. though whether Geno will follow his promise to just let go of her hand and let her go safely is highly doubtful, this is making Mia restless. Mia thought that if she somehow wriggles her hand she might break loose, but there’s no distance covered at all.

and then,

[Mia chaaaann, i can’t understand this map at all?!!]

in front of her Kitsune who just left came back. aside from that there is a tense atmosphere building around Geno. he didn’t seem to like this.

when seen, Kitsune brought the paper with map that Mia just drew. on the paper it’s not clear whether it’s a map, or a child’s doodle. The other adventurers and receptionist thought “ah …. again…”

Mia is a very stupid person for drawing maps. all the new adventurer will be attracted by her looks, but will also return the maps she draws. and they know that Mia is really stupid when drawing something. to this Guild, it’s a common thing.

but the problem right now is not that. Geno that felt Kitsune are crossing the line by just barging in irritates him. He stares at the approaching Kitsune.

[what…? whats with the atmosphere here… seems tense?]

[Kitsune san, look at that! it’s flirting! Mia is flirting! na]

[what…? with that guy? with that kind of face?]

some adventurers that heard Kitsune’s word laughed very hard. if you look at it carefully, other adventurer is also shaking their shoulder holding it in. those caught laughing just lowered their heads.

Mia’s expression showed that she thought Kitsune’s stupid and her eyes looks rolling around.

[but even so, doesn’t she look like she’s in trouble na? then we should help her to increase our friendship points!]

[huh? don’t wanna… that guy seems very strong..? i’ll lose with just 1 hit you know…]

[But even if you lose it’s ok right… the important thing is you helped her right?!]

Kitsune seemed unenthusiastic with Finia’s words, and of course Finia was heard by other surrounding adventurers. Even Mia heard that. For MIa it is same though, that Kitsune will end up with failure, and Kitsune can’t read the atmosphere at all.

Kitsune that felt all of this is a bother started to walk out and he locked eyes with her. Her face is saying to help her as much as possible, but he averted his eyes shamelessly.

Aaaa…, Kitsune san! why did you do that!!! you were supposed to nod!!]

[Seems i have a runny nose…. you got some paper?]


He really can’t read the atmosphere. and since he really do have a runny nose he tried searching for tissue, but unconsciously used the paper on his hand which is Mia’s drawn map.

[Kitsunes san is the worst!! that map was drawn for you with effort became your tissue?? is that usual for you?]

[Oh, is that so..]

[Then as an apology, go and help Mia chan! come on!, shooo]

[i think this and that is a different thing we’re talking about]

[If you helped Mia chan, then you can hold her breast as you like right?]

[Yosh! ok.. that big oppai is mine]

[Give him a hard slap na! grew the relationship please!]

Seems Kitsune and Finia has decided to help Mia.

But, Mia felt that their careless. Kitsune just a beginner that has just finished registering and only a H rank adventurer, it’s impossible to fight Geno, a rank E adventurer with good Jitsuryoku. it’s just plain impossible for him.

Honestly, if possible she would like it to be finished by just Kitsune being toyed around by Geno, and only herself became the victim.

Even though he said some sexual harassment to her, but Mia just can’t forgive herself if somebody else is hurt only for helping her.. She is just a nice person.

[Kit, Kitsune sama it’s ok…… i’m fine really]

[really? Finia chan… Mia said she’s fine]

[Hah? ….. then it’s meaningless huh]


MIa told that to Kitsune who’s coming to help her. She felt disappointed by how easy he gave up.


the heart of the adventurers united for a moment.

[Ah, sorry… can i ask the map for this job?]

[eh… oh ok…. fine]

Kitsune asked the next counter receptionist, and she started to draw it.

Somehow the situation became complicated, the adventurer inside the guild is not even moving. seems this is on everyone’s mind aside from Kitsune and Finia.

———-……. whats with this condition..

Then after Kitsune received the map, he went to exit the guild… when suddenly Geno said loudly.

[hahahahahaha! whats with this guy… ain’t he’s a coward! as an adventurer, won’t you fight me? hahahahahaha!!!!]

Words coming out of him was abuse to Kitsune. nobody else stopped that laugh and provocation. nope, none at all.

[oioi, the coward… are you referring to me?]

Everybody was surprised since Kitsune smiled and cut his word.

Kitsune turns around and face him, with an eerie aura but by no means was weak looking. it’s making Geno uncomfortable with Kitsune.

[I’m looking for a runaway pet right now…. Senpai will help me as a senior adventurer ok]


Even though his emitting an eerie aura, but the words coming out of him was out of expectation. it’s a weak keywords. looking for pets, asking support. no matter what this kind of job doesn’t need support. it puts Geno into confusion.

[Then,,, oji-san… how old are you?]

[ha?? 32 years old.. problem with that??]

[with that age you’re still flirting, aren’t you just a hentai oji-san?]


[how to say this… first of all, you are not suitable, with Mia chan. you have to know your limit… from your appearance…. age… and you’re still flirting?? did i say the right words? you’re getting this?

If you really are like that then maybe there’s a hole in your head. honestly how big is your confidence? even if i have a huge jitsuryoku, i think, i don’t want to be an adult like you… from the start, the thought that you can flirt with Mia is already a miracle right? what makes you think you have a chance?. even for just a little… if you think you can court her… you better cancel those thoughts…]

Kitsune says things as he likes. you can see Geno’s face getting redder by every words… he stand at the blue line. wanting to slash…. oh no… wanted to “strike”.

the adventurers around saw GEno’s condition but Kitsune still looked talkative like he was mold covered buddha statue, very calm… not bubbling from his heart.

[in other words…. what were you trying to say….]


[still talking about me]

[A—- sorry. didn’t mean to!!]

Geno screamed, cutting Kitsune’s words. He let go of MIa’s hand and walk towards him. His face are red, his artery seems to bulge on his face, well he seems to wanted to give Kitsune a “strike” (A/N this whole strike thing seems baseball reference… dunno never played baseball)

Kitsune seems to have realized that Geno is losing it. Restlessly he touched his cheek with a cold sweat.

[eh…ah… that… if you look at it closely… you’re handsome you know… yes…. soo..]



Geno walked towards Kitsune and launched a hard punch to him. of course with a different in experience, Kitsune that have almost zero experience can’t dodge such hit. the punch landed squarely on his face and Kitsune was thrown back.

at the same time with a scream, Kitsune’s body was thrown to the table’s and chairs behind him. he flew to the wall, and dropped there.

[AAAAAAA!! what the hell with this shit! Cih…. enough…. i lost my appetite]

Then, maybe because he punched Kitsune, his heart felt a bit better, though he’s still upset but he looked calm again. But with that, seems he also lost the will to take Mia, and left the Guild just like that.

Everyone in the guild felt relieved. the felt relieved since Kitsune was the victim, and Geno has left.

[aaa Finia chan… with this, will my relationship with Mia really improve?]

After that, Kitsune that earlier was down and couldn’t even blink started to stand up and while looking for help he talked like that to Finia. of course everybody there looked at him.

[it’s ok!!! with this you can hold those big breast as much as you like right!!]

[really? will Mia chan really allow me to do that?]


[Then why don’t we try to ask then…. Mia chaa~nn~ please let me touch your oppai!]

Kitsune talked loudly about touching her breast while walking towards her which is a distance away. while he did that, right now what’s in face of him is Mia’s cold stare.

Mia chan thought of what to do with Kitsune’s statement. even though she managed to be saved from Geno thanks to Kitsune, he still thought on how and what is needed to thank him. honestly, she doesn’t want to allow Kitsune to touch her breast as thanks. lots of concern is stirring up her mind.

[Mia chan??]

[ee~to… actually you may not… bu..but… at the very least i would like to thank you]

[cannot huh….. o well… Finia chan, do we beg?]

[If it’s just my breast, you can touch them!]

[Sorry, i only want her breast…. touching yours is a bit too much]


After hearing Mia’s refusal, Kitsune puts a disappointed look while returning Mia’s high heel. Finia got closer and stick her chest to Kitsune. seeing that, Kitsune look at Finia seriously.

in other words he had no intention to touch hers and there is no satisfaction from it. even though he could do it, but then he would feel like he’s a scum.(T/N well… you know… flat chested and fat oriented is an opposing religion i guess)

after that, relaxing his shoulder, Kitsune and Finia left the guild again. Mia that saw Kitsune’s back pulls him, but there’s no sound coming out of her.

as to why she’s holding him… she herself doesn’t understand… and also, her interest to Kitsune is getting bigger since the first time they met.

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