just an update NO CHAPTER YET [update]

hi all,


just wanted to update a bit formally. I’m quite full in RL for Jan-Feb. so as much as I can blame RL for this, I just wanted to say sorry for the readers!!

regarding the 18, I’ve already got the TL in my native tongue.. it should take 2 days to TL it to English…

the bright side is, 19 is also done, so expect 2 chapters soon ok!


and you can thank the Chinese new year holiday for giving me the holiday i needed to T/L.



well, see u guys soon.

semi hiatus due to holidays

to all,


just a heads up that i will be on holiday to kansai region starting tomorrow until next year.


thus i will be unable to upload anything… sorry for it.

in the meantime, i may or may not attend the comiket 89… since its in big show… which is a shinkansen away at a hefty extra cost… i may or may not be able to attend it T_T….

well then again, see u guys in new year ok!!!


(not chapter) just notice for chapter 13

well all, the stat is its 50% done for 13. but i have an eye infection causing my eye ball tension to be high. this makes seeing computer screen hellish..

so i am moving but a bit slowly. thus expect it to be out within the next 2-3 days.

in the meantime, 15-16 being done by missere, but i haven’t heard anything back so i guess he is on progress. so there is still time for me? hahaha

and yuychan and me will do the 17-18 ok?


so that’s about it for the updates.


[not a chapter whatsoever] the reddits commenter

first of all, just  to be clear that Yuychan is held up these past 2 weeks due to her family member is sick. and I’m only capable of MTL.. so tough luck ok.

another is, saw some Reddit comments, it’s rather… constructive? and uh… motivating?

disclaimer: I have said from the start that this would not be readable to 80% of the reader.

however, I have tried and will continue to improve the chapters, in a sense that there is capitalization, and some dots and comma or better translation from the comments.. though I’m pretty sure I just followed the original WN dots and comma. In short, I will try to make the translation more readable at no cost at all! free service! but I will charge the readers later with some fixed amount later for every word I check grammatically, thesaurusly, dinosaursly, AND!! for additional ketchup and/or pepper you guys ordered.

and I am writing mostly just in WordPress built in posting. and google docs. though now I have put some add-ons that would help on caps.

another thing, I tried using [] and other popular framing stuff. and tried to consistently put terms in those brackets. HOWEVER, due to I don’t have a proofreader, and I am not an English native speaker. do bear with me, and I’m not looking for any proofreader for now. Since our translation schedule is still erratic.


I now know why lots of translators quit this hobby. so have mercy on my poor soul.

chapter 11 updated

hi all just wanted to let you guys know that the chapter is now completed with 1 paragraph in red due to i’m lost on the translation and yuy chan my partner in crime is lost in RL for this week.

for chapter 12 though, i expect part 1 to be released by sunday (no promises though)

link? here

About us!!

a lone duo of LN enthusiast and a japanese speaker with english practice as desire.

hoping to put something in the hearts of translation fan on earth.

Kuma Otou : Shiro!!! translate this for me!!!

Shiro : huh??? will help you translate, but not into english!! i will translate into Vulcan!!!

Kuma Otou : well…… i can roughly understand Vulcan… its a bit better than Klingons…

Shiro: and i will only do 1 chapter per week!!!!

Kuma Otou : and i will retranslate your work around a week as well!!!

thus… the duo started a strange hobby… and miscommunication galore! well we do hope to improve chapter by chapter…. admonishment by admonishment…

o well will pick up the pace but give us time will ya!!!!

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