Chapter 12 Kitsune that can’t read the atmosphere.

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Kitsune that can’t read the atmosphere.

For now, Kitsune that finished registering decided to find some jobs. there is still time for him, that’s why for Kitsune right now, he just want to get some trivial jobs, something easy enough to do for him. to get some money enough to pay his rent today.

There is only 1 procedure to accept a job, you just pick a suitable job posting on the wall and bring it to the receptionist. then the receptionists like Mia whom he met earlier will make the job acknowledgement procedure. the job then will be given completion time limit, and for jobs that are basically helping people or H rank jobs are basically jobs that can be finished within a couple of day, that’s why these orders are given a 1 or 2 day time limit only.

Kitsune and Finia stood in front of the jobs board.

[so, what kind of job will we do for our first time?]

[let see… how about this one?]

following Kitsune’s question, Finia pointed to 1 particular job order. Kitsune looks at it closer :

<H Rank Job>

Client    : Miria Airin

Payment : 1 Silver coin

Job Detail : Finding missing pet

Time limit : 2 day

[I can’t read the language..]

[Ah! i see!]

[Finia can read this?]

[I can! i understand Kitsune’s language and this world language! i’m Finia the Language Master!]

[Then, what kind of job is this?]


Kitsune heard the details  from Finia and felt it’s not such a bad job. Looking for pets won’t harm him and it only needs 2 day as well, so he thought it’s good enough. and if he obtained the 1 silver coin reward, then he will obtain his registration money fee back.

[Mia cha`n! i’ll take this order!]

[Why do you have to come to me? you should go over there, please go there!]

[Please, do your job properly]

[…sigh… ok… …. i’ll draw the client location for you as well]

[oh ok, …yes, thank you]

When Kitsune brought the job order to Mia, she shove him away with a sour face to other receptionist, but after Kitsune’s word, she had no choice but to process his job.

When Mia was handling Kitsune’s job order and drawing the location of the client, Kitsune started idle chat with Mia “come think of it…”.

[by the way Mia chan, to be promoted from H to F, what must i do?]

[for that……. to be promoted to F rank is relatively easy. in this Guild there is a [Guild Leader]. the Leader will periodically held trainings and you can be promoted to F rank if your Jitsuryoku is enough. OK here is your map]

Kitsune listened to Mia and received the map while nodding

Then he thought, if the recognition is during training, then without attending the training, he will forever be H rank. for Kitsune this is a good system for him.

[Since everyone wants to get F ranked quickly, then for those confident with their Jitsuryoku, they will immediately register for the training. in the past, there is also those accepted into F rank just by having spirits of confrontation (T/N: it should mean that the guy basically bash into a 1 on 1 fight to get recognized).]

[I see…]

[Kitsune-sama will also register for the training?]

[Nope, i will not join… since i’m weak]

[i see…  then good luck with your job]

Kitsune turns his back after hearing Mia’s word. and while checking the map, he left through the Guild’s door.

◇ ◇ ◇

Mia Tigris, the receptionist looks at Kitsune figure leaving the guild while sighing.

True to his heart judgement, Mia is a popular figure. with just a glance on her blond hair and white and smooth skin, and her charming attitude to the opposite sex, in essence, Mia has a nice personality, as a person she is also a nice character, there is no flaw basically.

When Kitsune met Mia the first time, he obviously didn’t realize that, Mia is a popular girl among the adventurers. there’s many trying to date her. even in the past there’s also many nobles proposing her, but she refused them all and it has since became a legend.

and thus, male’s opinion about her charm is not a strange thing anymore.

that’s why, His coming to her directly without caring about other receptionist made her thought that he is the same as other guys trying to get her.

in opposite, the first word coming out from Kitsune was,

[Big Oppai]

He’s the worst. Mia thought of the possibilities that Kitsune coming to her saying flattering words, making him the same with all other guys, but when she heard Kitsune’s word she felt irritated and ask him to go home politely.

but, her discussion with Kitsune afterwards made her felt that there is a difference in him, that he come with no concealed intention.

True, that when Kitsune saw her breast and said the “sexual harassment” word by calling her big oppai, and she thought that he’s a rude man, but she didn’t felt any ill will from those words. it’s like… Kitsune said those word because she is big breasted, and seems there is no other meaning behind those words.

good or bad, for Kitsune, his spoken word contains no flattery, and not even a “like” feeling towards Mia. therefore, Mia felt a strange connection for Kitsune.

If she remembers back, Kitsune is a true novice though.

without saying that the magic beast and adventurer has ranking and it’s a good thing, what if a rank A mazoku came attacking where adventurer don’t know that magic beast has ranks. for Mia it’s strange that Kitsune heard about it but didn’t ask her about it. he don’t seem to have any thoughts of facing rank A mazoku, since it’s an opponent that wrecks havocs.

[yo MIa, was that a new kid?]

while thinking about Kitsune, suddenly an adventurer came to her. Putting his arm on the counter, and looking at her breast he started talking.

she thought that this person is totally different from Kitsune, and started to serve him professionally as a receptionist.

[that was a person registering as an adventurer]

[oo… and again MIa drew in the attention of man huh.. huh… how lucky to be such a beautiful lady]

[… not really … it’s not like that. then, is there anything i can help you with?]

[hooo such coldness,,, what you can help me with?? it’s not such an important help…, so hows today? can we get something to eat once your job is done?]

[i apologize but i cannot… since there is some work to do after]

this person is E ranked adventurer named Geo Grease. he is a trash with a sole passion for woman and sake, and of course, breast. he took many magic beast subjugation job in this guild, and are good at it though he always said his Jitsuryoku is not enough. He is often tyrannical and arrogant to people around him.

Lately, he seems to chase Mia, he visits her everyday.

[aaaa…. don’t say it like that! it’s alright…. just for a short while]

[i must decline … didn’t i say so already?]

[hehehe, don’t think of this as something bad, ok?? … just a short meal..]

For Mia that always reply professionally, Geno is a person that is always persistent. While feeling annoyed, Mia organizes her documents. using a pen to write something, so that she doesn’t have to look at Geno.

But oblivious to Mia’s obvious rejection, suddenly Geno stretched his rugged hand to reach her hand.

[Cmon it is fun… let’s go?]


with an even lower voice than before, Geno grab Mia’s hand. it’s the same as Kitsune earlier, but this time the difference is his using his power to hold her without any intention to let go.

Mia unconsciously look at Geno because of it. when she raise her head, all she saw is Geno’s vulgar smile. and even though she pulls her grabbed hand, there is a clear difference of strength between them. she can’t let go at all.

[okk? let’s go?]

from his tone, no is not an answer.

Mia lowers her vision while gritting her teeth listening Geno’s word. to her, Geno will not let go of her hand unless she agrees to go with him.

the other adventurer that saw this kept their silent since Geno is a rank E adventurer. the other receptionist is also looked afraid. they’re not even trying to help.


in this situation, Mia can only think to accept Geno’s request. it’s the best way for her. though whether Geno will follow his promise to just let go of her hand and let her go safely is highly doubtful, this is making Mia restless. Mia thought that if she somehow wriggles her hand she might break loose, but there’s no distance covered at all.

and then,

[Mia chaaaann, i can’t understand this map at all?!!]

in front of her Kitsune who just left came back. aside from that there is a tense atmosphere building around Geno. he didn’t seem to like this.

when seen, Kitsune brought the paper with map that Mia just drew. on the paper it’s not clear whether it’s a map, or a child’s doodle. The other adventurers and receptionist thought “ah …. again…”

Mia is a very stupid person for drawing maps. all the new adventurer will be attracted by her looks, but will also return the maps she draws. and they know that Mia is really stupid when drawing something. to this Guild, it’s a common thing.

but the problem right now is not that. Geno that felt Kitsune are crossing the line by just barging in irritates him. He stares at the approaching Kitsune.

[what…? whats with the atmosphere here… seems tense?]

[Kitsune san, look at that! it’s flirting! Mia is flirting! na]

[what…? with that guy? with that kind of face?]

some adventurers that heard Kitsune’s word laughed very hard. if you look at it carefully, other adventurer is also shaking their shoulder holding it in. those caught laughing just lowered their heads.

Mia’s expression showed that she thought Kitsune’s stupid and her eyes looks rolling around.

[but even so, doesn’t she look like she’s in trouble na? then we should help her to increase our friendship points!]

[huh? don’t wanna… that guy seems very strong..? i’ll lose with just 1 hit you know…]

[But even if you lose it’s ok right… the important thing is you helped her right?!]

Kitsune seemed unenthusiastic with Finia’s words, and of course Finia was heard by other surrounding adventurers. Even Mia heard that. For MIa it is same though, that Kitsune will end up with failure, and Kitsune can’t read the atmosphere at all.

Kitsune that felt all of this is a bother started to walk out and he locked eyes with her. Her face is saying to help her as much as possible, but he averted his eyes shamelessly.

Aaaa…, Kitsune san! why did you do that!!! you were supposed to nod!!]

[Seems i have a runny nose…. you got some paper?]


He really can’t read the atmosphere. and since he really do have a runny nose he tried searching for tissue, but unconsciously used the paper on his hand which is Mia’s drawn map.

[Kitsunes san is the worst!! that map was drawn for you with effort became your tissue?? is that usual for you?]

[Oh, is that so..]

[Then as an apology, go and help Mia chan! come on!, shooo]

[i think this and that is a different thing we’re talking about]

[If you helped Mia chan, then you can hold her breast as you like right?]

[Yosh! ok.. that big oppai is mine]

[Give him a hard slap na! grew the relationship please!]

Seems Kitsune and Finia has decided to help Mia.

But, Mia felt that their careless. Kitsune just a beginner that has just finished registering and only a H rank adventurer, it’s impossible to fight Geno, a rank E adventurer with good Jitsuryoku. it’s just plain impossible for him.

Honestly, if possible she would like it to be finished by just Kitsune being toyed around by Geno, and only herself became the victim.

Even though he said some sexual harassment to her, but Mia just can’t forgive herself if somebody else is hurt only for helping her.. She is just a nice person.

[Kit, Kitsune sama it’s ok…… i’m fine really]

[really? Finia chan… Mia said she’s fine]

[Hah? ….. then it’s meaningless huh]


MIa told that to Kitsune who’s coming to help her. She felt disappointed by how easy he gave up.


the heart of the adventurers united for a moment.

[Ah, sorry… can i ask the map for this job?]

[eh… oh ok…. fine]

Kitsune asked the next counter receptionist, and she started to draw it.

Somehow the situation became complicated, the adventurer inside the guild is not even moving. seems this is on everyone’s mind aside from Kitsune and Finia.

———-……. whats with this condition..

Then after Kitsune received the map, he went to exit the guild… when suddenly Geno said loudly.

[hahahahahaha! whats with this guy… ain’t he’s a coward! as an adventurer, won’t you fight me? hahahahahaha!!!!]

Words coming out of him was abuse to Kitsune. nobody else stopped that laugh and provocation. nope, none at all.

[oioi, the coward… are you referring to me?]

Everybody was surprised since Kitsune smiled and cut his word.

Kitsune turns around and face him, with an eerie aura but by no means was weak looking. it’s making Geno uncomfortable with Kitsune.

[I’m looking for a runaway pet right now…. Senpai will help me as a senior adventurer ok]


Even though his emitting an eerie aura, but the words coming out of him was out of expectation. it’s a weak keywords. looking for pets, asking support. no matter what this kind of job doesn’t need support. it puts Geno into confusion.

[Then,,, oji-san… how old are you?]

[ha?? 32 years old.. problem with that??]

[with that age you’re still flirting, aren’t you just a hentai oji-san?]


[how to say this… first of all, you are not suitable, with Mia chan. you have to know your limit… from your appearance…. age… and you’re still flirting?? did i say the right words? you’re getting this?

If you really are like that then maybe there’s a hole in your head. honestly how big is your confidence? even if i have a huge jitsuryoku, i think, i don’t want to be an adult like you… from the start, the thought that you can flirt with Mia is already a miracle right? what makes you think you have a chance?. even for just a little… if you think you can court her… you better cancel those thoughts…]

Kitsune says things as he likes. you can see Geno’s face getting redder by every words… he stand at the blue line. wanting to slash…. oh no… wanted to “strike”.

the adventurers around saw GEno’s condition but Kitsune still looked talkative like he was mold covered buddha statue, very calm… not bubbling from his heart.

[in other words…. what were you trying to say….]


[still talking about me]

[A—- sorry. didn’t mean to!!]

Geno screamed, cutting Kitsune’s words. He let go of MIa’s hand and walk towards him. His face are red, his artery seems to bulge on his face, well he seems to wanted to give Kitsune a “strike” (A/N this whole strike thing seems baseball reference… dunno never played baseball)

Kitsune seems to have realized that Geno is losing it. Restlessly he touched his cheek with a cold sweat.

[eh…ah… that… if you look at it closely… you’re handsome you know… yes…. soo..]



Geno walked towards Kitsune and launched a hard punch to him. of course with a different in experience, Kitsune that have almost zero experience can’t dodge such hit. the punch landed squarely on his face and Kitsune was thrown back.

at the same time with a scream, Kitsune’s body was thrown to the table’s and chairs behind him. he flew to the wall, and dropped there.

[AAAAAAA!! what the hell with this shit! Cih…. enough…. i lost my appetite]

Then, maybe because he punched Kitsune, his heart felt a bit better, though he’s still upset but he looked calm again. But with that, seems he also lost the will to take Mia, and left the Guild just like that.

Everyone in the guild felt relieved. the felt relieved since Kitsune was the victim, and Geno has left.

[aaa Finia chan… with this, will my relationship with Mia really improve?]

After that, Kitsune that earlier was down and couldn’t even blink started to stand up and while looking for help he talked like that to Finia. of course everybody there looked at him.

[it’s ok!!! with this you can hold those big breast as much as you like right!!]

[really? will Mia chan really allow me to do that?]


[Then why don’t we try to ask then…. Mia chaa~nn~ please let me touch your oppai!]

Kitsune talked loudly about touching her breast while walking towards her which is a distance away. while he did that, right now what’s in face of him is Mia’s cold stare.

Mia chan thought of what to do with Kitsune’s statement. even though she managed to be saved from Geno thanks to Kitsune, he still thought on how and what is needed to thank him. honestly, she doesn’t want to allow Kitsune to touch her breast as thanks. lots of concern is stirring up her mind.

[Mia chan??]

[ee~to… actually you may not… bu..but… at the very least i would like to thank you]

[cannot huh….. o well… Finia chan, do we beg?]

[If it’s just my breast, you can touch them!]

[Sorry, i only want her breast…. touching yours is a bit too much]


After hearing Mia’s refusal, Kitsune puts a disappointed look while returning Mia’s high heel. Finia got closer and stick her chest to Kitsune. seeing that, Kitsune look at Finia seriously.

in other words he had no intention to touch hers and there is no satisfaction from it. even though he could do it, but then he would feel like he’s a scum.(T/N well… you know… flat chested and fat oriented is an opposing religion i guess)

after that, relaxing his shoulder, Kitsune and Finia left the guild again. Mia that saw Kitsune’s back pulls him, but there’s no sound coming out of her.

as to why she’s holding him… she herself doesn’t understand… and also, her interest to Kitsune is getting bigger since the first time they met.

I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home? Chapter 11

Hummm… In a graveyard far from civilization…

Kuma otou : shiro whatcha doin?

Shiro : ain’t much, just drawing these ancient magic ritual in wordpress

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Shiro : it’s much more grandeur than that! I’m evolving myself through apoptheosis!!

Kuma otou : are you a spider!!!!

Shiro : [ancient ritual completed] transforming [shiro] to [yuychan]

Kuma otou : ….. You only changed in name you know…

Yuychan : hummm…. I never said my stats will increase though….

Thus our shiro has a new wordpress ID named yuychan… And she will help to post some of the translation here…

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[Adventurer’s Guild]

[anyway, we were thinking of joining the [Adventurer’s Guild]]

Hearing Rishe’s word Kitsune replied that.

Though after she listed to those words, Rishe’s face looks worried. Then after a few second, she said “yes”.

[isn’t it great? Since aside from fighting, there’s also peaceful request like helping people-na, it’s reasonable level for getting living expenses]

Hearing that, she agreed to Kitsune’s plan.

[Adventurer’s Guild] is located in several nation, and have several branch. So it can be said that it’s a free organization, not fixed within 1 country. Same as merchants that moves around all countries to have business dealings, if an adventurer receives a job, he can go to other countries in this world. It means that he is not fixed to his home country. From the beginning, adventurer Guild, aside as working place, also have other merit’s like if there’s a Guild branch in some cities, then by showing the Guild card, an adventurer can issue citizen ID in that Guild branch.

But these advantages again, is varied and different based on the every country where the Guild is located. The reason is due to the give and take relationship. For example, Guild in country A, will make agreements based on the benefit of the country a. The most common ones would be that as long as the adventurer is registered to that country Guild, he/she must become the military asset of the country. And can be summoned for emergencies like Magic Beast subjugation/ bandit subjugation. This is because in country a there is the king who thinks about his kingdom subjects dearly.

Thus, the Guild requirement will also vary according to their location. And usually since there’s many danger on every country, they would also like to put as much fighting strength as they can muster. Thus usually in these Guild there is a strong person who can take care of even powerful Magic Beast.

In short, the country recognize the Guild branch, and in exchange, the Guild cannot refuse if the country they are located in, gave a request when they’re in crisis.

The [Adventurer’s Guild] is such a place, though aside from mandatory assignment, they’re also independent most of the time.

And also, adventurer’s have another name, and that is [free man]. Dead or alive, live for good, live for bad, to battle or to flee, it’s their own risk and decision to make. That’s why the romance, the drama.

For Kitsune though, right now, it’s a job to just get by in life. Though there’s not few mans or womans who became an adventurer.

[I see, then let’s begin, joining the Guild]

For Kitsune, he stood after getting an affirmation from Rishe. Finia that felt the conversation is over also starts to flap her wings. “Strike while the iron is hot”, so within today, he needs to prepare some money and get a place to live in. He can’t afford to waste any more time.

[ah, wait a moment]

Rishe stops him.

Kitsune only looks back, and Rishe gave 3 silver coins to Kitsune. Unconsciously, Kitsune tilts his head and shows confusion.

[to register with the Guild you need 1 silver coin, I think you look poor, so i’ll lent it to you]

[… Then let me borrow this with thanks, when I can gather enough money, i’ll return it]

Rishe! See you again!]

A thought of Japanese modesty flashes in his mind, and to register to the Guild, there should be some undertakings. So with a bitter smile, Kitsune puts the 3 silver coins into his pouch. Then he promised, that he will definitely return it. Finia also has the same feeling and with her little hand she waved while smiling.

While giving her gentle smile to Kitsune and Finia, Rishe returns back.

[aa, i’m basically staying in this inn, I’ll wait for them patiently.]

[leaving those words, Kitsune left the door of the inn. He won’t forget that his first encounter with a human being in this world is a very kind and generous girl.

◇ ◇ ◇

After seeing Kitsune goodbye from the inn, Rishe let out her breath, “fiuhh” and remembered her discussion with Kitsune and Finia.

Rishe finding a person lying in front of miniera entrance is purely coincidence. As known, Rishe is an apprentice knight, and right now as much as possible she trained everyday.

But, for her, the spent 2 years yield no results, it’s making her impatient. Though she practice day and night, she thought that she lacks practice and it takes more effort for her than people around her.

That’s why, early in the morning, where nobody is awake yet, she wore her uniform neatly and left the city. In this city, the nearest forest has a habitat of magical beast, and after getting out of that forest, there’s a lot of small fish that can be made training opponent. Though Rishe is alone, she won’t lose to such low fries. She though to train with those today early morning.

That is when she met Kitsune. His clothes were worn out, and when she saw Kitsune’s hollowed left eye that looks like it was taken, it made Rishe felt fainting.

She is not a knight yet, therefore she has absolutely no experience in real battle. Someone who are dying, or near death, she has never encountered such situation/person. If she remembers it now, she felt uneasy, the wound on his left eyes is too severe.

It was supposed to be too much for her. But for Rishe who is aiming to become a knight for helping people, seeing the small fairy beside Kitsune, who kept on trying to help Kitsune with her healing magic even though she herself almost passed out, Rishe started to talk to the fairy… who introduced herself as Finia, and she kept on saying this to Rishe.

[please!, Kitsune san… please help Kitsune!]

Seeing her eyes at that moment, she felt something moved inside of her to help Kitsune.

Even in her logic, she have the intention to abandon them. For Rishe, without thinking at that time, she admired Finia’s pupil, there’s a strong will residing inside of her, and she felt that it’s priceless compared to anything.

As the result, her intention to abandon them caved, and she helped them instead. She brought them to her inn, and treated his left eye, and somehow managed to bandage the wounds.

[he…Is… that Kitsune… a very strange person isn’t he… but, I don’t feel uncomfortable with him]

Rishe remembered the silver coins that were lent to Kitsune. In this world, something like borrowing money is usually requested first by the borrower. Because if you just lend it, then it might be lost. These kinds of things are common sense.

But Rishe, believed that Kitsune will properly return the money. Even if there’s no reason to feel like such, she feels it anyway.

[until then, I will wait for the enjoyment to meet you again]

Muttering that, Rishe returns to her room.

◇ ◇ ◇

Kitsune is going from the inn towards the Guild guided by Finia. Even if it’s already afternoon, the path he took is still noisy from people’s conversation. A lot of shops are entertaining their waiting customers, sounds of metal knocking from shops that are working on something, somebody chatted with friends, it’s a lively sound that gave off a pleasant atmosphere.

Finia doesn’t feel that way when she looked at it the first time, but for Kitsune, he felt amazed by all of this. Perhaps, this kind of town shops is rarely seen in his own world.

[it’s extremely noisy, right!?]

[yes, I’m also very surprised! Uwaaaa! That yakitori looks delicious!]

[well it’s useless if we don’t have the money to buy it right?]

[dessu yo nee] (t/n: he felt that way too)

Kitsune saw various conditions of people while he walks. Midway, he saw a group of males and a female adventurer that carry a sword like Rishe, Kitsune doesn’t mind too much since it’s a world with fantasy like setting where people commonly carry weapons. On the opposite walking here and there restlessly will only be considered suspicious behavior and only makes him stands out.

After he walks from that place for a moment, there’s a big conspicuous building. it’s similar looking building that Finia pointed at earlier, so maybe that building is the [Adventurer’s Guild] isn’t it?. A horizontal thin metal signboard  is written with flabby alphabets, so he can’t read it. He realized that the 『world language translator』skill is only usable in conversation and not in writings.

With mixed feelings, he finds out new things, he opened the 2 adjoined doors from the middle.

[excuse me~]

With those lines, he enters the building, and beyond his imagination, the upholstery is well featured. At the inner part, the receptionists setups, signboard for inquiry notices, etc, if this were a fantasy world then there is no such lacking in imagination in here, all is orderly with beautiful layouts. What he thought was an uncivilized adventurer, but he have a little bit better impression of the Guild.

[what are you… such thin and weak looking body… wanna be an adventurer?]

Kitsune does look like what the adventurer said. Kitsune’s good impression of the place immediately fell.

[ah yes I would like to]

[hahahahaha!!! This guy is interesting! Well good luck! Boy!]

[yeah.. Thanks]

[e..? Ah, I know! You have a fairy with you… hee…]

The large build man who grew unshaven stubble and was obviously barbarous said so. Maybe, for them, they thought that Kitsune would give up upon taking jobs as adventurer. There were those adventurers who yearns for something, and fails.

But, as soon as Finia is seen, the expression like consent is shown to my face. Whether a sprite is unusual or not it’s not known, but without worrying about the guy’s word too much, Kitsune begins to walk to the receptionist desk.

[muuu… what is that person! Makes me wants to say things…!!!]

[don’t get too angry Finia chan.. And .. At any rate, is fairy a strange being?]

[dunno, but Rishe didn’t seem to mind, right?]

[.. Hmmm …]

While chatting with Finia, Kitsune arrived at the reception. There’s a slightly older looking lady at the counter wearing her business smile looking at Kitsune while he took a seat. it’s a woman with a soft impression and blonde hair. But it can be seen that she wore the same uniform as other receptionist

[big oppai]

[yeay big oppai!]

[welcome, the exit is that way]

Yes, she had big breast, moreover a real beauty, with blond hair.. And big breasts, very mote (cute/popular disposition). For whatever she just said, she had a fashionable appearance.

Kitsune saw the beauty in his eyes and unconsciously muttered those words, but it seems the lady is offended instead.

[excuse me, I would like to register with the Guild]

[i’m ignored… in any case, please fill in this form. On behalf of someone else is ok, is it fine for you?]

[ yes please do so]

[understood, your name is registered as  ______ hentai]


Somehow for this missy receptionist, Kitsune’s words really touched a nerve in her, her earlier business smile is already gone somewhere.

Kitsune who can’t read saw the registration form full of articles. Kitsune grabs the pen on her hand and stop her.

[could you please let go of my hand, hentai-sama…!]

[same here, big oppai sister…!]

(talking to each other politely)

While smiling face gigigigi, one hand used for writing, and the other one for grabbing. But the blond receptionist lady drew her breath to gather her strength. Kitsune realizes that and let his hand go.

[then… what is your name?]


[it is Kitsune sama…. Gender— man, right?]

[why are you asking me for that? Do I look like a woman?]

[there is some possibility, so just in case]

[i am a man]

While the missy receptionist is writing on the blank columns of Kitsune’s registration form. He got a feeling that somehow they don’t need to write the form is something he doesn’t want to know.

In the middle of it, while watching the receptionist and Kitsune restraining each other, Finia smiled and laughed happily.

And then, the receptionist lady put her pen down after all the form is finished, and look at Kitsune with a smirk and pained business smile.

[well then, now we will make the Guild Card, until it finished I will explain about the Guild]

Hearing the receptionist lady, Kitsune nodded a bit.

[please, big oppai-san]

[could you please be careful with those way of calling, hentai-sama]

[it’s because I don’t know your name]

The receptionist lady looks sincerely annoyed with Kitsune that says oppai-oppai. Maybe to her the impression of Kitsune is the worst.

But she thought that it’s work, and for her work to go smoothly, the receptionist lady sighed while saying her name.

[…Mia Tigris. You can call me Tigris]

[nice to meet you big oppai-san]

[do you want me to slap you to an end?]

[I am sorry!!]

Mia, with a very angry look prepares her open hand while smiling, makes Kitsune bow his head deeply. He felt if he got even one slap, he could die.

Maybe due to Kitsune’s apology, Mia felt a bit better and she started explaining about the Guild. Some documents were taken by her, then she started speaking while opening the sheets with a fast and orderly manner.

[first I will tell you about Guilds and adventurer. You may already know that Guild accept requests from ordinary peoples, and introduces the job to adventurers. Afterward, the adventurers will accept the order, complete it, and will be given compensation]


[it’s in short; we Guild side will introduce you the order, and be in charge for it, and you adventurer side will accept the order, and complete it. But of course, there is a dangerous one as well]

[like magical beast subjugation or something like that, isn’t it?]

[indeed, for magical beast subjugation order, we can’t dispatch adventurer with weak jitsuryoku, because if the adventurer fails the quest, it would be the Guilds mistake. So, as a standard for order differentiation at the Guild, we are using class system for each adventurer]

Kutunse is nodding at Mia’s explanation, and words that he never heard before [class system] appeared. With his question mark, the explanation continues.

[the meaning of class system is basically standardization of each adventurers. Whether they have enough jitsuryoku to get the order. The class system has 9 rank, A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H and as far as F rank below adventurer that are recognized by the Guild, no matter how weak the magical beast, they can’t get the job.]

[ I understand…. By the way, how about me?]

[for new registration, no matter your strength is, you have to start from H rank]

[I see]

Kitsune feels bit relieved hearing that. Because for H rank boundary, it is ok for them to not get order related to magical beast subjugation. It is just to earn money for life-adventurer be, so that, he doesn’t need to thinking about rank.

Mia’s expression perplexed at seeing Kitsune’s manner, and she continue her explanation.

[this is applicable after you are at F rank, magical beast also same, they are divided by rank. For example, you are given goblin subjugation job to defeat. Goblins are settled as F rank. About that, it means that F rank group adventurers could beat them easily]

[in other words, if E rank, this E rank group adventurers can defeat them ?]

[yes, like that. Principally, magical beast with same rank adventurers, they could beat them]


[but, magical beast subjugation until d rank only. C rank above adventurers works not only for magical beast subjugation but also Mazoku (devil tribe) who had [intellectual].  Those Mazoku group are the opponent of their same level adventurers, right?]

Mazoku, again another word I never heard I appeared.. Kitsune that heard there are scarier beings than Magical Beast, hides his worry. Stronger than Magical Beast, means stronger than the big spider and the big wolf that assaulted him.

Then Kitsune only has one thing in his mind. That Miasma monster, it purposely let go of it’s prey and went after him like it was normal. It had fun. There was no sign of it wanting to kill or even fight. It just wanted to have fun. It seemed interested in me because I wouldn’t go down. I managed to nick it with a broken knife. It’s blood is red.. Is that something called Mazoku?

“…how are those kinds of requests dealt with then?”
“Basically, for a C-rank subjugation request, at least one adventurer who is B-rank or above would be assigned and required to handle it. With an A-rank adventurer, we can be at ease even if they go alone, but then our C-rank adventurers would never have the chance to grow.”
“Makes sense… Then what about those so-called A-rank Mazoku? It’s not like there’s a swarm of S-rank adventurers to take care of it, right?” (Note: he’s saying this because she was saying it should always be one rank higher)
“Indeed, A-rank Mazoku are at the same threat level as a natural disaster. Trying to go against them would be a mistake.” (T/N: huge thanks to Epithetic!!!)

Kitsune nodded. And, he decided to ask about the Miasma monster that he thought about.

[nee, Mia san]

[please call me Tigris]

[do you know of a Mazoku wrapped in very black Miasma?]

[as soon as Kitsune asked, the Guild become silent. Kitsune realized that and observes the atmosphere, everyone is looking at Kitsune. Coming back to Mia that also gazed upon Kitsune, she gave off a shocked face.

[what happened?]

[Akai Yoru (Red Night)]


[perhaps, what you are describing is … (Red Night)… a rank A Mazoku… hidden inside Miasma, never shown the real body to another person, but you can see their red eyes in the Miasma, so it’s called Red Night]

Kitsune thought to hide his severe left eye injury when heard that.

[why do you want to know about Red Night?]

[nothing really, I just want to know because I heard about it before]

After Kitsune said that, the atmosphere inside the Guild flowed again. Perhaps they thought that it’s not about (Red Night) showing up. In fact, they felt relieved they didn’t saw it themselves.

But, human always felt alive when they feel safe… that’s what they thought.

And also, opposites of what the people around Kitsune thought, in fact he just experience it just now, besides the forest, no one can imagine that.

After Kitsune told that, the explanation is only a little bit more.

[ok then…. In any case, rank division can be informed as such]

[yes, understood]

[and another, about the magical beast subjugation and the materials, it can also be sold to the Guild, please utilize it]


[very well, here is your Guild card, Kitsune san]

Very nice timing, since the official Guild card is done, it was given to Kitsune. There it has his name and rank.

[with this the registration fee becomes 1 silver coin]

[ah, ok]

[I confirmed the money acceptance. I wish you good luck]

Mia bows her head deeply as a sign that the conversation is over. While squinting his eyes Kitsune saw a certain parts of the lady.

[it really is, a big breast huh…..!]

Right, it’s the big oppai that is on the table while Mia bows.

[the exit is that way hentai!]

[while standing at the blue line, Mia again showed the exit’s.

Name           : Mia Tigris

Age               : 22 years old female

Future note : beautiful blonde hair, big breast, receptionist girl.

Brief comment from Kitsune [big oppai].

I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home? Chapter 10


After feeling challenged by yoraikun, I’ve decided to join up with a friend of mine to start translation of I kinda came to another world, but where’s the way home?

Well I should’ve known better that translation is not that easy and I’m pretty sure this one is hard to digest to 80% of people. But even so please forgive any mistakes and point it out to me so I can further learn about translation in general!

Also to point out that my friend is translating from japan to her native language, and then I’m translating that language into english. Therefore I need to work together with her for further co-op.

Need to remind you as well that many wording still seems off, and I need to reconfirm many words. But finally here is our first collaboration translation. Hope it sheds some light to you!


When kitsune’s awoken, his first view was a wooden roof. After a while, he touched his face with his left hand, and found some bandages on his face. Seems that somebody has nursed him, isn’t it!?

Kitsune raise his body and take a look around him. It seems that somehow he ended up on a bed, and his blanket fell slowly. Glancing to his left, there’s a wooden desk that can be reached just by stretching his hand. On the desk his mask is laid, and some simple food is served. He hastily stood up from the bed, and wore his mask.

[…. Where is this?…]

No matter what, this place seems to be somebody’s room. Though there’s nobody here aside from kitsune now, if he waited around there might be someone coming back.

Kitsune tries to find finia, by wearing the mask, he saw [status judgement], and somehow after checking, finia is not there. In his assumption, maybe she is with the person staying in this room. Feeling the partner that walks with him all this time suddenly disappear makes him felt very very lonely.

After a while, his stomach starts to grumble. Even so, he thought, that getting out of this room is not the best choice for him, then kitsune took on his hand some bread and fruits from the table.

He’s aware that he kept eating the food in his hand, he felt some sentimental feelings about it, at first it’s just a bite but afterwards he can’t stop eating. No matter what he’s really hungry since he ate all the food on the table.

[…Fuu, my stomach is bigger now…. So sleepy… let’s get some more sleep]

[…. Oo, good morning finia-chan]

[yes, good morning! In other words its guu~dafteeeernoon!!]

[hahaha…. By the way, how did you get in?]

[from the door!]

Kitsune sit back on the bed as finia arrives. And as usual finia throws some rude remarks straight to kitsune. While kitsune gazed on the only entrance – exit in the room while listening to finia.

On the door there’s a female with a scarlet hair, with dango like hair. She looked like kitsune’s age, her eyes are green which makes her different from most other people, and on her skin in the middle of the clothes, there’s bandages and ointment, lots of it. But aside from that, the sword on the female is what amazed kitsune. It is a {one hand slayer} sword.

First things first, he need to know about the girl in this room.

On kitsune’s word, the girl started to smile bitterly. In his own world, kitsune gave of an unpleasant feelings which more of a malice to people around him, he pass his days like that, and even after coming to this world, he is unsure whether he will experience such life again, he’s feeling sensitive that he would make such atmosphere. But after seeing her, he felt the girl doesn’t seem to feel like that, so his wariness eases up a little bit.

[e-too, then, you are the one that helped me?]

[a,aa… since you collapsed with body full of injuries in from of the city gates-na, I wanted to show the wounds to a doctor but… I don’t understand how it could have happened… beside, your left eyes wound seemed not so severe, so I brought you to my room here]

[i see…. Thank you. Then you are also the one that healed my left eye?]

[yes, if left alone, the wounds will get worse-na]

[here, is a country?]

[nn? This is miniera country]

The lady answered kitsune question without hesitation. Seems this place is a country, not a city… since this is a different world, for kitsune it seems that the common sense of population of a country is different.

Anyhow, since he has troubled the girl too much, again he bowed his head and said his thanks.

[ee~to, your name is?]

[ah forgive me… its a bit of a late introduction-na.. My name is trishe rumiela. But you can call me trishe]

[un, mine is naginata kitsune… ah, you can call me kitsune]

[un, the name is not “naginata”?]

[no, in my place, its called “kitsune”… I see, here it would be kitsune naginata instead]

Kitsune re-said his name while thinking that this world and his world has some differences. Seems that trishe understood it and offers her hand. Then, kitsune started to approach and also give hand for hand shake.

[well, seems you are not an evil person-na…. And again, while waiting for you to regain consciousness, I talked with finia, and seems there is no bad intention from you. So nice to meet you ne]

[un, ah nice to meet you too… ee-to, rishe-chan]

[my name is trishe… but never mind, call me as you like]

Kitsune shakes her hand then finia sits on both their palm, while smiling.

Kitsune and rishe, laughed together after seeing finia innocent smile.

[well then, let’s just have some meal for now. I already went shopping with finia earlier]

[that so?]

[yes that so!]

Kitsune who’s sitting on the bed immediately raise his body, and rishe came out of the room. After coming out of the room, it seems this room is used for travelers. Aside from the room kitsune was in, there’s several other similar looking room. And if they go down from the end of the corridor, they arrived in a void. There’s several table lined, and it seemed to be a canteen/tavern. The canteen, itself links with the receptions, and there’s a lady that looks like a [japanese restaurant mistress] stood there.

[in this inn, the guest can use the kitchen, so when you want to, you can cook your own favorite food]

[hee… in other words, you can also ask for food from this inn?]

[ah, if we pay, we can get 3x meal per day, morning, noon, and dinner. Well, even so, you still have to come on the set time of the day-na]

[well if so then, the money is wasted then (t/n : useless basically)]

Kitsune nodded on the explanation by rishe, and finia seems to emit a feeling of understanding as well.

And, up to there kitsune realized… food can be served by the inn if you pay, but earlier rishe and finia mentioned they went out to buy groceries. In other words…

[rishe-chan can cook?]

[hemm… how rude… even though like this, i’m a good cook, my friends even told me I can even opened up a shop at my cooking level]

[hee… I have high expectant ok!]

[aa, I will make some for finia as well, please sit and wait ok]

Kitsune and finia both sat on an empty table as rishe said. Then rishe went into the kitchen and disappears.

After kitsune saw that rishe went into the kitchen, he relax his body and, finia that are stretching her legs while sitting on top of the table gazed around and yawned.

[finia-chan… how long was i… asleep?]

[ee? Umm, we’ve been in this country since morning, so… around 5 hour?]

[i see.. Then, you said you went out shopping with rishe.. In town… ah no… this country… what do you think about this country?]

[its crowded! Compared to where kitsune lived.. The building as well as the shop felt different]

Kitsune listen to the information about this country from finia. Since the beginning, their plan coming to this country was to find safety from magic beasts and to gather information about this world. If it’s not possible to collect information about this country for even a tiny bit, then the dream to return to the previous world is just a dream, and they won’t be able to survive in this world right?

Kitsune who’s listening from bits of rishe’s chat, slowly starts to understand about this world. First is name, which is family name is not common in this world. So names with katakana is common sense (t/n note : not sure about this one). If it’s finia the nits called finia (t/n: seems the author is trying to express naming by katakana to be the norm here). In any case, in this country kitsune will not introduce himself with family name. Like finia what called him [kitsune], then he would introduce himself as such. And keep his coming in from another world as a secret.

[finia chan… about us coming from a different world, please keep it a secret.]

[e? ……Un, ok]

Listening to kitsune’s talk, finia who are bonded with him, nodded without asking the reason. [Isekai/ other world], as a name that was given by himself alone is a strange enough] has been shown by status. It’s better to keep it hidden for now. At least until he can understand the people that’s living in this world.

In addition to that, the clothes kitsune wore is a high school uniform. Since he’s poor he has no intention to replace his clothing. But even so, by seeing trishe’s uniform that looks like a female soldier, kitsune’s clothes is weird in this world. That is easy enough to understand.

[at the very least, to survive in this world. No matter how little, money is needed. I have to get some work soon]

[a, ok then let’s try to be an adventurer!]


[yes, when I was shopping I saw! Its [adventurer’s guild]! I asked rishe as well, there’s no doubt about it!]

Adventurer’s guild. Kitsune listen and think about it.

Guild is a standard in fantasy world. Accepting request to defeat magic beast, or gathering medicinal herbs, then receiving monetary compensation for it. It’s basically a good place.

However, danger constantly follows this. For kitsune whose run to the town was to escape from fighting magic beast, this is the least he of what he wanted to do, and, even only temporarily, wanted to live in peace. [People that kills magic beast] is of course scary to their surrounding.

[but we can’t just do that…]

From rishe’s reaction, even in this world, [such people] can be understood that they have some weights. By that, the chance of being hired by service industry is non existent. Nobody will entertain someone with unclear pasts, no one. That’s why adventurer job where there is no past will be asked and getting compensation for it, is the best place for kitsune to get some living cost with his current condition.

[finia chan]

[yes, what is it?]

[is it still valid? The promise that you will protect me?]

[……….. Of course, I will protect you kitsune san]

Finia didn’t smile when she heard kitsune’s word. Hearing that, kitsune closes his eyes and think. After a few seconds, he gave of a thin smile.

[ok then, let’s join the guild. But, finia chan]


[i will also become strong… at least strong enough to not get killed by someone else] (t/n: is it someone else? Or something else as in magic beast? Dunno but the translation said someone else)

[….. Yes, let’s fight together!]

Kitsune decided, he will take a small chance. Otherwise he won’t start anything at all.

Starting now, he will find a way to return to his world. In other words, even fighting this world will be fine.

By that thinking, he can’t avoid fighting magic beast and humans. That’s why… even for a little bit, he wants to be strong. Kitsune was determined.

[sorry to kept you waiting, the food is ready]

[yes, i’ve been waiting for this]

On the plate rishe brought, there’s salad and steak, appearance wise, it’s not so different with his world, but there’s also something else that he never seen before.

[this, what kind of meat is this?]

[ah, this is torisu meat. Its a magical beast bird class that lives in a nearby area]

[i see….]

The steak served in front of him, is known as the meat of the magic beast that endangers him and his partner. He tried eating it and more or less the good taste makes him feels complicated

But when he saw finia chan next to him exerting a mogyu mogyu expression with a meat in her mouth, he thought ….. Never mind….

As a fairy that doesn’t need nourishment, she eat it like a kid anyway, makes kitsune smile provocatively.

[un, this is tasty. Rise chan is good at cooking]

[thanks, but this is all I can cook, well… if its sword related then its still nothing]

[sword…. in other words, Rise Chan is an adventurer?]

[ah no, i’m an apprentice [Knight Group] of this country]

[Knight Group?]

Rishe explained to him while eating.

Seems that in this town aside from [adventurer’s guild], there is also an organization called [knight’s group]. In kitsune world, this is known as police, they’re an organization that patrols the city, and do crime control. [Knight group] is people that took the test to see their ability. And if they pass, they can become knights. The salary also increases according to their ability, as long as they don’t do violation, the income is guaranteed.

Then, what rishe said as apprentice knight, to have jitsuryoku to become a knight, in reality is a guidebook obtained from knights in the [knight group]. To get this jitsuryoku, you have to get an approval to take the test from the knights academy.

[rishe chan, how long have you been an apprentice knight?]

[ah, around 2 year, but… seems that my jitsuryoku is still lacking]

[hee… is it really so lacking in ability?]

[don’t say things that hurts… kitsune]

[a, this is tasty!]

[don’t change the subject!]

While chatting like that kitsune finishes his meal.

[gochisousama deshita]

[what does that means?]

[emm, well.. Its an expression for food in my hometown]

[i see, what is the meaning of it?]

[ehm, it’s an expression of gratitude for families or friends that gave the food required to live, something like that?]

[… He, it’s a followable common sense -na]

While talking like that, rishe gathers the plates and utensils. Carried it to the kitchen to wash it then came back.

[now…. What will kitsune do?]

With rishe’s word, all the tale of kitsune will be started.