[not a chapter whatsoever] the reddits commenter

first of all, just  to be clear that Yuychan is held up these past 2 weeks due to her family member is sick. and I’m only capable of MTL.. so tough luck ok.

another is, saw some Reddit comments, it’s rather… constructive? and uh… motivating?

disclaimer: I have said from the start that this would not be readable to 80% of the reader.

however, I have tried and will continue to improve the chapters, in a sense that there is capitalization, and some dots and comma or better translation from the comments.. though I’m pretty sure I just followed the original WN dots and comma. In short, I will try to make the translation more readable at no cost at all! free service! but I will charge the readers later with some fixed amount later for every word I check grammatically, thesaurusly, dinosaursly, AND!! for additional ketchup and/or pepper you guys ordered.

and I am writing mostly just in WordPress built in posting. and google docs. though now I have put some add-ons that would help on caps.

another thing, I tried using [] and other popular framing stuff. and tried to consistently put terms in those brackets. HOWEVER, due to I don’t have a proofreader, and I am not an English native speaker. do bear with me, and I’m not looking for any proofreader for now. Since our translation schedule is still erratic.


I now know why lots of translators quit this hobby. so have mercy on my poor soul.