Kuma Otou Here!!!

Seems that these themes is good. Well at least after a while for me. And there’s no complaint yet. (update: it can be improved, but I haven’t found anything decent for my taste)

for latest chapter see the top menu since there is only 1 translation project, it should be clear enough for most folks.

images (1)

feel free to comment on the site content ok! is it readable? I’m thinking something dark since I always read through my phone and some sites are white…. kills your eyes at night reading.

for the translation quality…. please comment on the respective posts.. I do read them a lot and hope people will come by and just comment something hehe

54 thoughts on “Kuma Otou Here!!!

  1. Did any of you actually read this thing?

    The grammar is painful to the eye!
    It is just horrible to read. It feels like machine translate that was edited really poorly.

    I survived this long (chapter 10) because I felt the story had premise, but reading this thing, the way it is, is too much of a headache to me.

    Kane out.

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  2. i surprised and happy when i see this page, and i am really glad that u guys contnuing this WN.

    may i ask u something?
    will u releash this WN Weekly or mountly


  3. thx for the translations, didn’t think someone would pick it up so fast and gave up on reading it,
    it’s still easy to navigate for now but once you start to get many chapters, you might want to add a table of contents,
    while there are some mistakes here and there it is understandable and there should be no problems unless a wild group of grammar nazis appears good luck with the translation of future chapters 🙂


    • yes, was thinking of ToC since a direct menu for each chapter is not so convenient i guess. well still enough for now, will work on ToC later on. thanks for the appreciation though!!


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