I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home? Chapter 10


After feeling challenged by yoraikun, I’ve decided to join up with a friend of mine to start translation of I kinda came to another world, but where’s the way home?

Well I should’ve known better that translation is not that easy and I’m pretty sure this one is hard to digest to 80% of people. But even so please forgive any mistakes and point it out to me so I can further learn about translation in general!

Also to point out that my friend is translating from japan to her native language, and then I’m translating that language into english. Therefore I need to work together with her for further co-op.

Need to remind you as well that many wording still seems off, and I need to reconfirm many words. But finally here is our first collaboration translation. Hope it sheds some light to you!


When kitsune’s awoken, his first view was a wooden roof. After a while, he touched his face with his left hand, and found some bandages on his face. Seems that somebody has nursed him, isn’t it!?

Kitsune raise his body and take a look around him. It seems that somehow he ended up on a bed, and his blanket fell slowly. Glancing to his left, there’s a wooden desk that can be reached just by stretching his hand. On the desk his mask is laid, and some simple food is served. He hastily stood up from the bed, and wore his mask.

[…. Where is this?…]

No matter what, this place seems to be somebody’s room. Though there’s nobody here aside from kitsune now, if he waited around there might be someone coming back.

Kitsune tries to find finia, by wearing the mask, he saw [status judgement], and somehow after checking, finia is not there. In his assumption, maybe she is with the person staying in this room. Feeling the partner that walks with him all this time suddenly disappear makes him felt very very lonely.

After a while, his stomach starts to grumble. Even so, he thought, that getting out of this room is not the best choice for him, then kitsune took on his hand some bread and fruits from the table.

He’s aware that he kept eating the food in his hand, he felt some sentimental feelings about it, at first it’s just a bite but afterwards he can’t stop eating. No matter what he’s really hungry since he ate all the food on the table.

[…Fuu, my stomach is bigger now…. So sleepy… let’s get some more sleep]

[…. Oo, good morning finia-chan]

[yes, good morning! In other words its guu~dafteeeernoon!!]

[hahaha…. By the way, how did you get in?]

[from the door!]

Kitsune sit back on the bed as finia arrives. And as usual finia throws some rude remarks straight to kitsune. While kitsune gazed on the only entrance – exit in the room while listening to finia.

On the door there’s a female with a scarlet hair, with dango like hair. She looked like kitsune’s age, her eyes are green which makes her different from most other people, and on her skin in the middle of the clothes, there’s bandages and ointment, lots of it. But aside from that, the sword on the female is what amazed kitsune. It is a {one hand slayer} sword.

First things first, he need to know about the girl in this room.

On kitsune’s word, the girl started to smile bitterly. In his own world, kitsune gave of an unpleasant feelings which more of a malice to people around him, he pass his days like that, and even after coming to this world, he is unsure whether he will experience such life again, he’s feeling sensitive that he would make such atmosphere. But after seeing her, he felt the girl doesn’t seem to feel like that, so his wariness eases up a little bit.

[e-too, then, you are the one that helped me?]

[a,aa… since you collapsed with body full of injuries in from of the city gates-na, I wanted to show the wounds to a doctor but… I don’t understand how it could have happened… beside, your left eyes wound seemed not so severe, so I brought you to my room here]

[i see…. Thank you. Then you are also the one that healed my left eye?]

[yes, if left alone, the wounds will get worse-na]

[here, is a country?]

[nn? This is miniera country]

The lady answered kitsune question without hesitation. Seems this place is a country, not a city… since this is a different world, for kitsune it seems that the common sense of population of a country is different.

Anyhow, since he has troubled the girl too much, again he bowed his head and said his thanks.

[ee~to, your name is?]

[ah forgive me… its a bit of a late introduction-na.. My name is trishe rumiela. But you can call me trishe]

[un, mine is naginata kitsune… ah, you can call me kitsune]

[un, the name is not “naginata”?]

[no, in my place, its called “kitsune”… I see, here it would be kitsune naginata instead]

Kitsune re-said his name while thinking that this world and his world has some differences. Seems that trishe understood it and offers her hand. Then, kitsune started to approach and also give hand for hand shake.

[well, seems you are not an evil person-na…. And again, while waiting for you to regain consciousness, I talked with finia, and seems there is no bad intention from you. So nice to meet you ne]

[un, ah nice to meet you too… ee-to, rishe-chan]

[my name is trishe… but never mind, call me as you like]

Kitsune shakes her hand then finia sits on both their palm, while smiling.

Kitsune and rishe, laughed together after seeing finia innocent smile.

[well then, let’s just have some meal for now. I already went shopping with finia earlier]

[that so?]

[yes that so!]

Kitsune who’s sitting on the bed immediately raise his body, and rishe came out of the room. After coming out of the room, it seems this room is used for travelers. Aside from the room kitsune was in, there’s several other similar looking room. And if they go down from the end of the corridor, they arrived in a void. There’s several table lined, and it seemed to be a canteen/tavern. The canteen, itself links with the receptions, and there’s a lady that looks like a [japanese restaurant mistress] stood there.

[in this inn, the guest can use the kitchen, so when you want to, you can cook your own favorite food]

[hee… in other words, you can also ask for food from this inn?]

[ah, if we pay, we can get 3x meal per day, morning, noon, and dinner. Well, even so, you still have to come on the set time of the day-na]

[well if so then, the money is wasted then (t/n : useless basically)]

Kitsune nodded on the explanation by rishe, and finia seems to emit a feeling of understanding as well.

And, up to there kitsune realized… food can be served by the inn if you pay, but earlier rishe and finia mentioned they went out to buy groceries. In other words…

[rishe-chan can cook?]

[hemm… how rude… even though like this, i’m a good cook, my friends even told me I can even opened up a shop at my cooking level]

[hee… I have high expectant ok!]

[aa, I will make some for finia as well, please sit and wait ok]

Kitsune and finia both sat on an empty table as rishe said. Then rishe went into the kitchen and disappears.

After kitsune saw that rishe went into the kitchen, he relax his body and, finia that are stretching her legs while sitting on top of the table gazed around and yawned.

[finia-chan… how long was i… asleep?]

[ee? Umm, we’ve been in this country since morning, so… around 5 hour?]

[i see.. Then, you said you went out shopping with rishe.. In town… ah no… this country… what do you think about this country?]

[its crowded! Compared to where kitsune lived.. The building as well as the shop felt different]

Kitsune listen to the information about this country from finia. Since the beginning, their plan coming to this country was to find safety from magic beasts and to gather information about this world. If it’s not possible to collect information about this country for even a tiny bit, then the dream to return to the previous world is just a dream, and they won’t be able to survive in this world right?

Kitsune who’s listening from bits of rishe’s chat, slowly starts to understand about this world. First is name, which is family name is not common in this world. So names with katakana is common sense (t/n note : not sure about this one). If it’s finia the nits called finia (t/n: seems the author is trying to express naming by katakana to be the norm here). In any case, in this country kitsune will not introduce himself with family name. Like finia what called him [kitsune], then he would introduce himself as such. And keep his coming in from another world as a secret.

[finia chan… about us coming from a different world, please keep it a secret.]

[e? ……Un, ok]

Listening to kitsune’s talk, finia who are bonded with him, nodded without asking the reason. [Isekai/ other world], as a name that was given by himself alone is a strange enough] has been shown by status. It’s better to keep it hidden for now. At least until he can understand the people that’s living in this world.

In addition to that, the clothes kitsune wore is a high school uniform. Since he’s poor he has no intention to replace his clothing. But even so, by seeing trishe’s uniform that looks like a female soldier, kitsune’s clothes is weird in this world. That is easy enough to understand.

[at the very least, to survive in this world. No matter how little, money is needed. I have to get some work soon]

[a, ok then let’s try to be an adventurer!]


[yes, when I was shopping I saw! Its [adventurer’s guild]! I asked rishe as well, there’s no doubt about it!]

Adventurer’s guild. Kitsune listen and think about it.

Guild is a standard in fantasy world. Accepting request to defeat magic beast, or gathering medicinal herbs, then receiving monetary compensation for it. It’s basically a good place.

However, danger constantly follows this. For kitsune whose run to the town was to escape from fighting magic beast, this is the least he of what he wanted to do, and, even only temporarily, wanted to live in peace. [People that kills magic beast] is of course scary to their surrounding.

[but we can’t just do that…]

From rishe’s reaction, even in this world, [such people] can be understood that they have some weights. By that, the chance of being hired by service industry is non existent. Nobody will entertain someone with unclear pasts, no one. That’s why adventurer job where there is no past will be asked and getting compensation for it, is the best place for kitsune to get some living cost with his current condition.

[finia chan]

[yes, what is it?]

[is it still valid? The promise that you will protect me?]

[……….. Of course, I will protect you kitsune san]

Finia didn’t smile when she heard kitsune’s word. Hearing that, kitsune closes his eyes and think. After a few seconds, he gave of a thin smile.

[ok then, let’s join the guild. But, finia chan]


[i will also become strong… at least strong enough to not get killed by someone else] (t/n: is it someone else? Or something else as in magic beast? Dunno but the translation said someone else)

[….. Yes, let’s fight together!]

Kitsune decided, he will take a small chance. Otherwise he won’t start anything at all.

Starting now, he will find a way to return to his world. In other words, even fighting this world will be fine.

By that thinking, he can’t avoid fighting magic beast and humans. That’s why… even for a little bit, he wants to be strong. Kitsune was determined.

[sorry to kept you waiting, the food is ready]

[yes, i’ve been waiting for this]

On the plate rishe brought, there’s salad and steak, appearance wise, it’s not so different with his world, but there’s also something else that he never seen before.

[this, what kind of meat is this?]

[ah, this is torisu meat. Its a magical beast bird class that lives in a nearby area]

[i see….]

The steak served in front of him, is known as the meat of the magic beast that endangers him and his partner. He tried eating it and more or less the good taste makes him feels complicated

But when he saw finia chan next to him exerting a mogyu mogyu expression with a meat in her mouth, he thought ….. Never mind….

As a fairy that doesn’t need nourishment, she eat it like a kid anyway, makes kitsune smile provocatively.

[un, this is tasty. Rise chan is good at cooking]

[thanks, but this is all I can cook, well… if its sword related then its still nothing]

[sword…. in other words, Rise Chan is an adventurer?]

[ah no, i’m an apprentice [Knight Group] of this country]

[Knight Group?]

Rishe explained to him while eating.

Seems that in this town aside from [adventurer’s guild], there is also an organization called [knight’s group]. In kitsune world, this is known as police, they’re an organization that patrols the city, and do crime control. [Knight group] is people that took the test to see their ability. And if they pass, they can become knights. The salary also increases according to their ability, as long as they don’t do violation, the income is guaranteed.

Then, what rishe said as apprentice knight, to have jitsuryoku to become a knight, in reality is a guidebook obtained from knights in the [knight group]. To get this jitsuryoku, you have to get an approval to take the test from the knights academy.

[rishe chan, how long have you been an apprentice knight?]

[ah, around 2 year, but… seems that my jitsuryoku is still lacking]

[hee… is it really so lacking in ability?]

[don’t say things that hurts… kitsune]

[a, this is tasty!]

[don’t change the subject!]

While chatting like that kitsune finishes his meal.

[gochisousama deshita]

[what does that means?]

[emm, well.. Its an expression for food in my hometown]

[i see, what is the meaning of it?]

[ehm, it’s an expression of gratitude for families or friends that gave the food required to live, something like that?]

[… He, it’s a followable common sense -na]

While talking like that, rishe gathers the plates and utensils. Carried it to the kitchen to wash it then came back.

[now…. What will kitsune do?]

With rishe’s word, all the tale of kitsune will be started.

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  3. I appreciate the effort as i am in love with this series. But sadly the english is butchered too much for me to actually read. Please get someone to edit it, i know theres been offers lol :p


  4. Hi 🙂 seems mostly good. One thing though: the first letter of a name (both first and last) needs to be capitalized. keep on trying, you’ll learn and get better 🙂


  5. Type for the translation but highly recommend that you get someone to edit the English language as it seems that English is not your first langauge


  6. Hey! Not trying to be mean there, but seriously, you need an editor.
    Your english is mostly good, but there are a lot of grammatical and conjugation errors (mixing tenses mostly)… A simple fix that would be really appreciated would be putting caps on the first letter of all names.
    Another that pops out is “I have high expectations ok”, don’t know why but that one bothered me more that it should.

    That said, thanks a lot for the work, I hope you can continue to translate and hopefully perfect your english!


  7. Thank you for the chapter!
    Also, I’m assuming that the part about the Katakana is that since the names are in the order FirstName LastName (instead of LastName FirstName as per usual in Japanese), it’s implying that the names are European (and thus, foreign), so the names are written in Katakana (used for foreign things), rather than Hiragana (used for Japanese things).


  8. Hi! This is yuychan… frankly, it’s my 1st time to know wordpress…
    After 2 chapter of translation, i’m so happy that anyone like the series.
    I don’t know how to use wordpress.. but, kumaotou promise that he will teach me 🙂 anyway, i’m sorry for my lacking vocab..

    Rergarding “Gochisousama Deshita” I thought it’s better to not translate it because it’s common Japanese phrase.. “Thank you for cooking for me.. thank you for prepare the food for me.. thank you for the food…”


    • Seema that he used the term gochiaousama instead of “thank you…” What woild you feel if somebody say xie xie, gracias, makasih, instead of thanks? Something like that?


  9. Thanks very much for taking up the challenge~ I really enjoyed this series and was sad when Yoraikun said he’d only do the first arc :’c btw what’s your friends home language? If it’s Spanish I might be able to help


    • well i just hope its good enough for the masses out there.

      in the meantime, the next chapter is here now. i’ll probably finish it within the next 4-6 hours.

      but then again, who knows, somebody might cast a meteor spell and cause me to delay… or some spider might came up to me looking intelligent and hungry…


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